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NEWS | We Just Launched a New SharePoint Migration and Development Service

Monday, May 14, 2018

Office 365 SharePoint workflow automations developed for our team’s unique needs have completely revolutionized how we do business here at S-NET. This customized solution helped streamline our processes from Sales and Customer Onboarding to Billing and Technical Support. We are very excited to announce that we are now extending the same SharePoint Migration and Development service to our clients to help them leverage all the cloud can offer and create a feature-rich online workspace that can transform their operations from end-to-end.

“We saw the potential of customized SharePoint workflow management when it helped us optimize and connect all of our unique internal business processes in a way that no out-of-the-box solution ever could”, said Alex Fayn, S-NET CEO. “With the amount of flexibility and customization we offer with our services, we needed pricing, project management and technical support systems that were equally flexible. A customized SharePoint solution was able to deliver that and more. I am very excited about making the same service available for clients and provide them with a user-friendly workspace that molds to how they want do business."

About SharePoint Our Migration and Development Services

SharePoint Online Migration and Development services help unlock the potential of the cloud-based platform to provide businesses of all sizes with scalable solutions for collaboration, storage and workflow management. With customer and client portals and a wide range of content management features, a customized SharePoint interface connects employees and enables them to create, store, organize, share, approve and secure all corporate documents in one central location.

Customizing SharePoint Online’s workflow management capabilities helps organizations simplify their sophisticated business processes by structuring them into automated workflows that meet their unique needs. With a wide range of third-party integrations that connect operations from end to end and comprehensive reporting on a variety of performance metrics, a customized SharePoint Online workspace helps companies optimize and streamline their operations. 

SharePoint Migration and Development Services come as an addition to S-NET’ cloud-based offering that includes Cloud Phone Systems, Cloud Contact Centers and SD-WAN cloud network optimization solutions.

“With the scalability, agility and powerful workflow management capabilities they unlock, SharePoint Migration and Development services augment our comprehensive cloud-based offering, enabling us to better meet the changing business needs of our enterprise and SMB customers” said Alex Fayn, CEO.

 Click to read more about our comprehensive SharePoint solutions.



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