“Don't just take our word for it, watch these video testimonials and learn how our customers made a good decision by choosing S-NET.”

Art Ferrara, VP Of Development Services, FGS

S-Net helped create a solid infrastructure and global enterprise solution for FGS. Watch our video and learn how our fully managed and turn key solution has helped Art and the FGS family grow.

Dr. Derrick Wallery, President/CEO of Marque Medicos

Find out how S-NET upgraded Marque Medico’s analog system to help them manage medical record requests, bill collection, networking, and voicemail. We connected all 5 of their clinics under a system that is fast, secure, and HIPAA-compliant.

Larry Levine, President of Trading Advantage

Education company, teach how to trade future markets. Trading Advantage employs 40 employees and teaches clients around the world how to trade in future market. S-NET assists their outbound telemarketing with Autodial and ensures that phones stay online even when internet access is lost.

Jeff DuRocher, Vice President of Marketing Development, RHR International

RHR went from a “Frankenstein” system of multiple companies to S-NET’s all-inclusive, integrated solution that includes “follow me” call forwarding to employee cell phones. As a result, RHR workers can keep up to date whether they are on the road or at one of RHR’s multiple offices.

Sam Abbas, Owner of Greater Chicago Motors

Greater Chicago Motors ships luxury vehicles around the world. Each phone call or email can translate to thousands of dollars in revenue, so remaining online and available is their first priority. S-NET’s seamless service integration and superior connectivity mean that Greater Chicago Motors will never miss another call.


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