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Founded in 2006, S-Net Communications is well known as the local and reliable telecom partner for small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area. With a unique foundation, the value and service it provides customers is even more exceptional. As it began with the goal of providing SMB customers with a reliable solution for their telecom needs, S-Net Communications has grown from a small market player to a major name that is defined by high-quality customer service and precise attention to detail.

The Founding Team

Every successful organization, brand, or company has a founding team with a clear vision and high level of determination. For S-Net, the story is no different; however, the way in which the company started sets it apart.

Prior to S-Net’s launch in 2006, Alex Fayn and Eugene Likhovid were IT managers for major corporations like McDonalds and Pepsi. While they were quite successful, they came to realize major telecom companies offered little to no support to their SMB customer base. As a result, most of the small and medium-sized businesses they worked with were very unhappy with their telecom providers and were actively seeking alternative solutions. The only problem was that very few solutions existed at that time.

Prior to starting S-Net, Fayn had an impressive career with multiple organizations. From 1997 to 2001, he was the Sr. Network Engineer for Globalcom in Chicago. He then became the IT Director for the McDonald’s Corporation from 2001 to 2007, where he gained valuable experience and had considerable success. He then left McDonald’s for a brief stint as a Senior Architect for Capgemini Consulting. Likhovid also had an impressive resume prior to founding S-Net with Fayn. His most notable experience came as the manager of Pepsi of America’s Wide Area Network. While he experienced great success during his time with Pepsi, he became increasingly frustrated with how the SMB customer base was being treated.

The Origin of S-Net

While both Fayn and Likhovid knew there was a problem, they weren’t quite sure of how to tackle it. However, thanks to a fateful flight to Chicago nearly a decade ago, the two experienced businessmen and entrepreneurs were able to give substance to their thoughts and develop a full-fledged idea. It was on a flight back to Chicago around 2006 that the two men were brought together. Both Fayn and Likhovid were traveling home after business trips when they coincidently met and struck up conversation. As they talked, they began to uncover the similarities in their backgrounds – as well as how they felt about the state of the industry. With both interested in starting a side business as a hobby, it wasn’t long before they became partners and founded what is now known as S-Net Communications.

While they were both still working other jobs at the time, they agreed to place extreme effort into developing S-Net. Their dream was to build a company focused on customer service and hands-on treatment – two aspects that most big telecom companies could not provide their clients.

They realized that providing enterprise-class services and small business applications would be most profitable using the shared cost model. They would treat small businesses as enterprise ventures and help them lower their cost margins while increasing profitability through the use of customized technology offerings.

The Timeline and Progression of S-Net

Founded in 2006 with the initial Executive Suits application, S-Net has seen considerable growth over the past eight years. By 2009, they created Enterprise Products and honed in on their “white glove approach.” They introduced a Hosted PBX-VOIP that year, with a completely customized Asterisk- based software and switch. S-Net also brought in two new data centers in Chicago and Lisle, as well as the Call Center Application, Fiber, T1, MPLS, and DIA.

In 2010, the Desk Top Application and S-Net Connect program were launched. Two years later, the newest version of the S-Net Software for the VOIP application was introduced, and in 2013, Peering Points with data providers became available. In 2014, S-Net launched the Mobile Application, added the robust Direct Sales Force with a new Director of Sales, grew the Sales Engineering department and Billing and Service Desk, and accomplished a number of firsts in the company’s history.

S-Net now features 12,000 licenses on its platform, with a strong Chicago customer base anchoring the organization. While local companies have certainly been the focus over the last few years, the company is now expanding to reach a number of West Coast businesses, as well as other enterprises scattered throughout the country.

S-Net’s Key Attributes

When customers want to know what it is that sets S-Net apart from the other telecom providers in the industry, Fayn, Likhovid, and the other team members point to the following key attributes:

  • Unbeatable, best-in-class customer service that is mission critical and always available for support, regardless of the need or time of day.
  • Locally owned and based in the Chicago area.
  • Over 7 years of VoIP experience.
  • 15,000 phones deployed on our system.
  • Backed by decades of combined industry experience.
  • Incredibly sophisticated onboard processing with onsite installation and dedicated project managers.
  • Hands-on setup, installation, and implementation with a white glove approach.
  • Guaranteed 99.9% up time – the strongest in the industry – with multiple data centers.
  • VOIP phone service setup with private and secure network connection.
  • Very high customer satisfaction rate, with a less than 1 percent customer churn rate.
  • Diversified product offering, including integrated data solutions, hosted PBX, call center applications, and fiber high speed internet.

Why Choose S-Net

After nearly a decade in the industry, S-Net has grown from a small idea to a tangible and effective resource that is unparalleled. With thousands of satisfied customers, proven technology, and the best customer service in the industry, it’s no surprise that so many businesses are choosing to partner with S- Net Communications.

If your business is looking for a local telecom provider that provides the attention to detail and the quality of service you deserve, look no further than a custom solution form S-Net.

Thousands of Companies Trust S-NET with their Business Communications

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