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Cloud Firewall


    Cloud Firewall protects your data and your network with superior service

     S-NET’s Cloud Firewall goes beyond traditional port-blocking security to provide you with a system that constantly updates itself in accordance with new security threats. Now, instead of hiring a team of IT professionals to monitor your system, you can receive the same service from S-NET at a fraction of the cost. We’ll identify potential security threats and recommend a protection service that meets your company’s needs.

    Receive customized, updated protection with Cloud Firewall

    By detecting threats like spyware, malware, viruses, and system hacks, Cloud Firewall provides continual, ongoing protection. It filters data files, contents, and URLs to reduce your system’s vulnerability to unwanted access. As a leader in next-generation firewall protection, Cloud Firewall will protect your entire network, leading to increased security for you and your customers alike. You’ll immediately notice improvements in:

    • Threat identification.
    • Security expenditures.
    • Real-time troubleshooting, monitoring, and management of all security-related incidents.
    • Customizable service as your company’s security needs change.

    Call our team today for more information at: (312) 962-8221, or complete the Request Form below for us to contact you. S-Net provides a complete Cloud Firewall solution in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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