Salesforce CRM Integration

At S-Net we understand how important Salesforce is to most organizations and therefore we provide a seamless integration with our cloud phone system & your CRM. Both cloud based solutions combined, will improve your employees productivity and allow your management team to have a better understanding of their sales activity.


Make More Calls With Click To Dial

Contact more leads with the click of a mouse directly in your Salesforce account. Accelerate your sales teams ability to close more deals by spending less time dialing and more time talking to decision makers. Click to dial any phone number within Salesforce and avoid making misdials that waste time.

Salesforce & S-Net Mobile

The perfect solution for sales reps out in the field, use the S-Net Mobile app to initiate and receive calls from prospective new customers. Work away from the office but stay connected to your business phone system through a unified mobile application.


Benefits Of Integrating With SalesForce

Having S-Net's cloud phone system integrated with Salesforce provides a complete cloud based solution that will increase the call efficiency of your organization. Incoming calls are instantly matched with existing contacts in the system and all notes taken during the call are automatically associated with the record.

With no additional software to install, adding the S-Net phone integration is completely seamless. To learn more about our Salesforce integration, please contact one of our Technology Consultants and request a free demo by calling (312) 962-8221.

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