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Connect separate locations with dedicated T1 Circuits

Your organization needs to conduct business quickly, but you also want to ensure privacy when it comes to important files like financial records and client contact information. Enter S-NET’s T1 Circuits. They provide your organization with private, dedicated internet service by connecting separate locations with private, T-1 circuitry. With S-NET’s T1 service, your organization will be able to transfer data over your own secure network quickly, securely, and privately.

How Does T1 Internet Connectivity Work?

A dedicated S-NET technician will install T-1 circuits to connect your organization’s separate locations directly. This means that your workers will have exclusive access to all information transferred over T1 circuits. Because T-1 data circuits are completely private, users from outside your organization cannot access T-1 service or data. In addition to boosting the security of your data transfers, this leaves T-1 circuits completely free of congestion, allowing your workers to transfer files without delay. With T1 line, you can transfer:

T1 provides the privacy, security, and speed you need to keep every office within your organization up to date!

Need to connect separate offices with T1 Internet Circuits? Call our team today for more information at: (312) 962-8221, or complete the Request Form below for us to contact you. S-Net provides a complete T-1 Internet connectivity solution in the Chicago metropolitan area.

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