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2 Years Around the Country in a Mobile Home Office

March 24, 2022

It’s not hard to imagine what the landscape of Corporate America will look like in a few years following ‘The Great Resignation’. As more and more employees are demanding the remote and flexible working conditions that allow them to achieve a better work-life balance, companies are forced to adapt in order to retain top talent. Due to this phenomenon and more, office technologies are expected to evolve significantly.

On a corporate level, these types of transitions to a work-from-anywhere environment often take months to plan out, test and implement. But that wasn’t the case with the executive we would like to introduce to you. He took the bull by the horns and has fully committed to working from home for the next two years…. from his home on four wheels that is.

You heard that right, a top executive at one of S-NET’s clients (who wishes to remain anonymous) will be working from his RV home for the foreseeable future. Him and his wife have two young kids who are not in school yet, and they want to take this time to travel together as a family. They plan to settle down eventually, and traveling in an RV will allow them to see some of the places that they are considering for their ‘forever home’.

Working from Anywhere is Easier Said than Done

As if the pressure of having young kids in the house while working from home is not stressful enough (2020 parents will get it), this executive also had to worry about the quality of his videoconferences while presenting important reports from the road. The quality of his Internet access was of the utmost importance. He reached out to our technical team with his idea and asked for any suggestions on how it could get done.

It must come as no surprise to anyone that ensuring network stability is one of the biggest technical challenges in any home office setting, let alone in a mobile home office. Not only was it important to find the right Internet provider with excellent coverage to support all the cloud-based applications he relies on daily, like voice, video, collaboration and file sharing, the S-NET tech team also had to keep in mind that the executive’s kids would be on the network as well. Having a crying child because Baby Shark does not play past the third “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo” was not an option.

Making Work from Anywhere Work

The solution the S-NET team recommended included SD-WAN and 2 wireless SIM cards from different providers, selected based on the coverage they offer nationwide in the specific areas where the family will be traveling. SD-WAN enables the executive to use the two SIM cards simultaneously, maximizing available bandwidth for all his applications. And any network traffic from these applications will get automatically and dynamically moved to one of the two connection if the other doesn’t get any signal.

I know what you’re thinking… that’s fine, but what about all the bandwidth the kids’ apps will be consuming? Most video games and YouTube Kids consume a lot. Won’t that result in pixelated video calls for the executive? Not if you have SD-WAN. SD-WAN enables the prioritization of some applications over others on the network. This means that when the executive has a call, is uploading files to a cloud-based database or uses any other work applications, these workflows are prioritized over his kids’ online activity. YouTube, Netflix and games only get leftover bandwidth.

SD-WAN also has a built-in next generation firewall. This keeps all his personal and company data secured, regardless where the executive will be located.

Working In and Outside of the RV

With Ubiquity access points installed in strategic places in the RV, the executive will be able to work inside and outside the RV without missing a beat. And his family will have access to their games and videos in any area of the vehicle, always.

While the circumstances may be very unique, the technical setup is not all that different from what this executive would have in a normal home office setting: two, redundant Internet connections for constant uptime, an SD-WAN to prioritize work applications, and wireless access point for mobility. The only difference is that in a home on wheels the traditional broadband or fiber Internet connection is replaced by two wireless SIM cards. Otherwise, everything else is the same.


We would be lying if we said that we are not impressed and exited to follow along this executive’s journey in the next two years! It is rare to have the opportunity to pioneer new and innovative ideas that can change how companies operate. The fact that we were able to use S-NET services to make something like this possible is exciting to say the least.  We look forward to the days when the possibility to travel with the family during the summer and still have the ability to work becomes more commonplace, or an industry standard even.

Just imagine the endless possibilities in SD-WAN and all the ways in which remote and hybrid businesses can use it, especially if paired with unified collaboration solutions that make workplace transparency and inter-departmental communication easy. It opens the doors to recruiting top talent from any part of the world. It enables the creation of satellite home offices as a cost-effective way to expand a business by region. And these are just the first two ideas off the top of our minds. The real-world applications are endless.

It is safe to say that here at S-NET Communications we are looking forward to updates on this story. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure that you don’t miss any new developments we may publish!



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