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4 plus 1 Ways to Accelerate Business Growth with Your Phone System

November 27, 2017
VoIP Accelerate Business Growth

In the last few decades, phone systems have become ubiquitous and indispensable to conducting business. While voice communications requirements may differ significantly from organization to organization, it is impossible to ensure streamlined internal collaboration and efficient customer relations without one. And with the latest innovations in the field, phone systems can do much more than that.

The right voice communications solution can significantly increase your employee productivity and improve your customer service efficiency, both indispensable for ROI.

With all the different options available on the market from traditional landline systems to cloud-based technologies, many businesses have invested in a phone system that sustains their internal and external communications. But despite the growing number of voice communication solutions purchased and upgraded each year, many companies still fail to take full advantage of the technology’s potential to propel their business to the next level. Here are 4+1 ways in which the right phone system can significantly accelerate the growth of your business.

1. Unify Your Dispersed Locations

The right phone system can consolidate your dispersed locations, empowering your staff to work and collaborate more effectively, significantly increasing your organization’s productivity, and as a result, your ROI. Many voice communications technologies, such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can bring your employees together as if you were all located in the same building, enabling your team to make quick, free internal calls, whether they are at your headquarters, in an overseas branch office, or on the go. All they need is an internet connection. With the mobile and desktop applications included in most VoIP solutions, your staff can have quick access to their office phone extension and voicemail, being able to conduct official business from anywhere, and any device.

2. Streamline Your Internal Communications

Many phone systems can further improve your employees’ collaboration and productivity by providing your organization with desktop chat and file sharing functionalities, as well as a wide set of features, including advanced conferencing, sophisticated call routing and forwarding capabilities, voicemail to email transcription, call screening, and many more. The right combination of features and configurations can be set up based on the unique needs of your business, and most solutions providers offer a user-friendly web-based administration panel to help you make quick changes to your configurations.

3. Up Your Customer Service Game

If customer calls are the lifeblood of your business, ensuring that each caller receives efficient, timely attention is crucial to your organization’s growth. An advanced phone system with an Automated Attendant and sophisticated call routing protocols can go a long way in guaranteeing that your clients are getting great customer service at all times by directing each caller to the employee best equipped to handle their questions, problems or requests.

For organizations with large customer service teams, phone system providers offer a wide range of call and contact center solutions with advanced features and reporting tools. Call Recording as well as Whisper or Barge functionalities can help you train your customer service staff both during a call, and after. Additionally, analytics on peak calling times, the number of calls answered or average wait times, just to give you a few examples, can provide you with valuable insights, and help you fine tune your customer service strategy to your clients’ needs.

4. Create a Unified Brand Experience

Every encounter clients have with your company, from visiting your website to talking to a customer service rep, is an opportunity to reinforce your brand and its core messaging. Providing your customers with a unified brand experience can distinguish you from your competitors, generate loyalty, and increase business performance. Many voice communications solutions, such as VoIP business phone systems support such efforts by enabling your employees to use their company caller ID and phone extension when making calls on your company’s behalf, whether they are sitting at their desk, or they are working from home. Access to their corporate identity as well as features such as Call Conferencing, Call Forwarding and Automated Attendant allow your team to project a professional image wherever they are, ensuring a consistent brand experience for your clients every time they come in contact with your company.

+1 Ensure Reliability

The right business phone system can significantly boost your company’s productivity and accelerate its growth. But it can only provide you with efficient internal and external communication tools if it has the reliable internet connection it requires to perform to its full potential. While phone systems have become ubiquitous to conducting business, voice communications tools continue to be among the most sensitive applications to be sent over the internet. Even minor issues with your circuit, such as jitter or a millisecond of delay in speed, can wreak havoc in your phone conversation, while remaining barely noticeable in other applications such as email or internet browsing sessions.

To keep your phone system functioning to its full potential, ensure it has a reliable internet connection at all times. You can adjust your network’s Quality of Service features to prioritize VoIP calls above other programs, invest in a private network connection to ensure constant reliability and speed, or implement an SD-WAN solution to seamlessly route your voice traffic to your organization’s strongest connection at any given moment.

Whether your business relies on advanced customer relations efforts or requires a streamlined set of internal collaboration tools, a phone system can go a long way in boosting your organizational efficiency, and thus, increase your ROI. Unify your dispersed locations and employees, streamline internal communications, and take your customer service and marketing efforts to the next level to take full advantage of all that a voice communications solution can provide, and put your technology at the service of your business growth.

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