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6 Things a Good VoIP Provider Should Deliver | by Alex Fayn, CEO

February 6, 2019
6 Things a Good VoIP Provider Should Deliver

VoIP is quickly becoming the dominant platform for phone communications, and for good reason. The right VoIP solution can give your team a significant boost in productivity and can dramatically improve your customer interactions. But not all VoIP solutions and providers are created equal. Going with the wrong vendor can create challenges that outweigh the benefits of switching to cloud communications. So, with all the vendors out there, how do you determine which one is right for you? Below are 6 factors you should take into account to secure a good VoIP provider for your business:

Reliable Service

Reliable phone service is fast becoming a non-negotiable need for all businesses large and small. Gone are the days when your customer service team was able to get away with dropped calls or an hour of downtime. With the evolution of business technology, your clients have gotten used to 24/7/365 service and a personalized experience. In this climate, any issues with your phone service are bound to have a negative impact on your professional image, driving your clients to your better-prepared competition.
Modern businesses are also becoming incredibly fast-paced, with efficiency being one of the main concerns on leaders’ minds. They know all too well that efficiency is directly connected to revenue. Any amount of downtime can have a significant impact on their bottom line. When you know exactly how much money you lose for every minute of downtime, it becomes much harder to ignore poor quality service. So do your research and pick a good VoIP provider who ensures that your voice communications are always up and running.

A Full Suite of Features

One of the most exciting things about VoIP – as opposed to older technologies – is the impressive number of available features for advanced business communications. From sophisticated call routing, drag-and-drop conferencing and mobile apps to videoconferencing and collaboration tools, unified communication solutions have it all. This new cloud-based platform makes the development of such features possible, lending itself to amazing innovation. Unified communications can turn businesses into streamlined, efficient operations. Take advantage of all that cloud communication technology has to offer. Pick a good VoIP provider that has a large selection of modern features and the ability to grow with your business.

Ease of Use

The best VoIP solutions will turn even your least tech-savvy or resistant employees into evangelists. Interfaces and workflows are designed with end users in mind, providing them with tools that are easy to use and quick to learn. Pick a vendor whose intuitive interfaces, simplified design and user-friendly icons help ensure a smooth transition for you and your staff.

Customized Setup and Training

Setting up your VoIP service is a complex process that requires a lot of listening, attention to detail and extensive training. A good VoIP provider should take the time to get to know your organization and configure your phone system to meet all your unique business needs. Your provider needs to make sure that all equipment is correctly installed. They should give your employees extensive training so that your new voice communications boost your productivity, not hinder it. A professional provider will check back regularly to ensure that your systems are running as intended. They will provide you with guidance on updating your technology as your business grows and changes. Pick a VoIP vendor dedicated to your success who is completely in-tune with your organization and its needs.


As you may already know, your VoIP phone system needs a steady source of bandwidth for peak performance. Internet connectivity issues like latency, jitter, delays and low bandwidth availability can negatively impact voice quality during your calls and can even result in dropped calls. A  VoIP provider should be upfront about the resources your voice solution will require and support you in planning and sourcing your internet connections when needed. A quality provider will help you calculate your bandwidth needs and consider not only your expected call volume, but other applications and services running on your network as well. Choose a provider who will be your true partner in determining your networking needs.

White Glove Customer Service

Ensuring that your voice service continues to function at peak performance requires continuous monitoring and a responsive customer service team. You want to have a service provider in your corner who proactively monitors your system. They should be there for you when you have questions, need system changes or experience an issue. Chose a company who offers 24/7/365 customer service so you can rest assured that you are in good hands, no matter the circumstances.


When it comes to VoIP, finding a reliable service with great features and an user-friendly interface is only half the battle. How your solution is delivered is very important and can make the difference between streamlined communications and a complete mess. Spend a little extra time on finding the company that offers state-of-the-art features and excellent ongoing service, and you will not regret it.


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