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An office move is stressful. Your VoIP provider can help.

October 10, 2019
An office move can be stressful. But your VoIP provider can help.

An office move is very exciting, but it can also be a stressful, expensive and time consuming process. Conducting business as usual – even though nothing is usual – is challenging in and of itself. But add dysfunctional technology and communications downtime into the mix, and you’ve got downright chaos. The good news is, your VoIP provider can bring order to the chaos and ensure that your transition is as seamless as possible.

Due to its cloud-based nature, VoIP service is easier to relocate than its legacy predecessors. In a VoIP phone system, all configurations, settings, call data and voicemail are hosted safely in the cloud and can be retrieved quickly when phones are plugged back in at the new location. Organizations with an experienced IT team can often carry out the move on their own without too much trouble. However, during an office move, your IT team will have a lot on their plate, and correctly moving and setting up the system at the new office can be more a complex task than it seems. That’s where we can help.

With tech-savvy engineers and extensive experience with connectivity, we can guide you through the move, ensure that your communication systems are functioning at peak performance and that your business has the resources it needs to be productive. More specifically, here is what we can do to help:

Ensure that your phone system is re-connected and running correctly

For your VoIP system to function as it did at the previous location, every single device and cable needs to be reconnected to the right ports on the network switch and router, and each employee must use the same VoIP phone. Even minor mistakes and unexpected network issues can result in extended downtime and significant disruptions to your business operations.

S-NET can help you ensure that all equipment is shut down correctly before the office move, and that it is labelled, transported, and reconnected according to industry standards. When plugged back into the right port, your phones will download the correct programming and load your saved settings, call data, greetings and voicemail, so your team can continue business as usual.

Provide business continuity during your office move

Its advanced disaster recovery and business continuity functionalities are among the main reasons why businesses chose to switch to a cloud-based phone system. During an office move, your company’s existing greetings, automated attendant, individual employee voice mail greetings and voice mail boxes continue to function normally, ensuring that no important calls are lost in the process.

Your VoIP provider can help you ensure that all your public greetings and messaging are set up correctly for the time of the move and your business has a smooth call routing strategy in place for every scenario. Your vendor can ensure that your reception is covered during the move by modifying your Automated Attendant or setting it up if you don’t have one yet.

Your VoIP vendor can also provide you with a desktop of mobile softphone application to ensure that your team can stay connected during the office move and place or receive calls to their extensions while away from their desks. The application serves as a great business continuity tool during the transition process and can serve as a backup in case your new offices are not yet ready for you. Additionally, after your transition, softphone applications allow your team to work remotely if your facilities are ever snowed in, out of power, flooded or otherwise inaccessible.

Secure Internet Connectivity at Your New Office

VoIP phone systems have so many advantages, but we would hate for you to get to your new location and discover that your internet bandwidth is not enough to handle your call volume and bandwidth-intense applications. Installing new connections to handle the load can create extended delays and disruptions in service, with some connections requiring up to 15 weeks of lead time. It can also be difficult to navigate the complex ecosystem of internet service providers, riser management companies and in-suite cabling companies and determine who is responsible for which piece of the project, resulting in many companies overpaying for these services.

Your VoIP provider can help you calculate exactly how much bandwidth your business needs based on your phone system’s requirements and your overall expected network traffic. They can help find the Internet connection that makes the most business sense for your organization, provide you pricing options from various vendors and advise you on choosing the right company to get the connectivity to your suite and your employees’ desks. With your VoIP provider in your corner, ensuring that your business has the necessary infrastructure and resources in place will be a much less daunting task.

Assess if you need any changes to your system

A move is a good time to assess if you need more significant changes or upgrades to your system, such as changing call routing policies, increasing or decreasing the number of users in your system or introducing desktop or mobile softphone applications for your employees. Your VoIP provider can also update your information in the system, such as entering a new E911 address to allow emergency services to find your business when needed. Your VoIP provider can help you figure out what – if any – changes are necessary so your team can hit the ground running at the new location.


An office move can be a stressful process and can disrupt your normal business operations. But when you enlist your VoIP provider to help with the transition, you will get much-needed technical support and ensure that your new location will be up and running in no-time.

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