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Connect Business Locations and Teams with Technology

September 11, 2018
Connect Business Locations

Growth and success are always a reason for celebration. But if you are running an expanding business, you know that at times progress can feel more chaotic than joyful. Connecting newly added business locations can result in a variety of new challenges that you haven’t had to tackle before.

You and your technical team may be wrestling with a variety of internet connections, service providers, contracts and service terms. You may be struggling to manage all the sophisticated networking equipment installed at each location with little to no help available from local staff. And your inter-location communications may feel more disjointed than productive, making it difficult for employees to collaborate.

If your communications and networking are failing to keep up with your growth, it may be time to consider a technology upgrade. Connect business locations into an easily manageable, unified network and empower your staff to collaborate with clients, partners and their teams across town and across the country.

Unify Your Business with VoIP

Unifying your voice communications into one, easily manageable hosted VoIP phone system can go a long way in facilitating collaboration across locations, while also freeing you of the burden of maintenance. The internal extensions and free communications between offices typical for VoIP technology help connect your dispersed teams.

The softphone apps many VoIP providers offer give you access to your entire corporate directory and show you who is available, away or on a call in real time. Gone are the days of wasting time trying to catch a colleague between conversations. Mobile apps connected to the cloud phone system also help connect staff members who spend a chunk of their time on the road. With access to their office extension and caller ID right in their pocket, they can appear professional during client calls, no matter where they are working from.

VoIP phone systems are also remarkably flexible and scalable, enabling you to customize each setting as needed when your company grows.

Enhance Collaboration with an Online Workspace

Online collaboration tools can go a long way in connecting your dispersed teams, giving them the opportunity to work together as if they shared a conference room. They provide a variety of tools, from video conferencing that facilitates more personal connections to file and screen sharing to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Online collaboration tools help your teams stay productive and bridge any geographic distance. With tools such as chat or multimedia annotations over any file, teams can communicate across different time zones or leave busy colleagues meaningful messages.

Many online workspaces also offer extensive task management functionalities that help streamline your operations from production to customer service. Any organization can benefit from effective project management. But these tools are particularly useful for dispersed teams because they are much more susceptible to disjointed, chaotic work patterns than their one-location counterparts. With their user-friendly interface, online task management tools allow your employees to simplify their workflows and automate processes, so nothing slips between the cracks. Projects and tasks can be accessed from any location, ensuring that your entire team knows what the next steps are.

Connect Business Locations with SD-WAN

SD-WAN started out as an innovative solution that shifts network controls from hardware to the cloud. In the last few years it has matured into a technology that allows organizations to connect business locations and simplify their overgrown networks. By connecting your dispersed locations and variety of internet connections into a unified network, SD-WAN gives you full visibility and control of your infrastructure and allows you to manage it through a single interface. SD-WAN enables you to mass-deploy settings to any number of locations and set network-wide configurations with just a few clicks. With a centralized control and built-in firewall capabilities, you will no longer need to worry about the management of local network appliances.

SD-WAN also ensures that all your teams have reliable access to their mission-critical applications regardless of location. By optimizing the performance of all your business software for enhanced user experience, SD-WAN delivers a boost in productivity. It seamless failover between multiple links eliminates any outages and ensures that application sessions stay uninterrupted, no matter how many employees are logged in simultaneously.

Its zero-touch provisioning capabilities make SD-WAN an incredibly scalable technology, allowing you to connect business locations, deploy new ones or easily change settings and configurations on your existing network.


Opening new locations can challenge your business in unexpected ways. You may be faced with an overgrown network that seems impossible to tame and manage. Or you may see your team’s communication and collaboration suffer due to newly created distances. But no matter what your challenges are, technologies are readily available to help you tackle them. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Here at S-NET Communications we have helped numerous businesses meet the growing needs of their organizations with global cloud-based solutions that addressed their networking and communications challenges. If you are unsure how technology can help you manage your expansion, give us a call, we would be happy to provide you with a free assessment.

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