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Integrating Cloud Phone Systems with Your CRM

April 7, 2015
S-Net Hardware

As technologically advanced as our world is, some terms are still new and scary to many employees, especially those who work in large companies. Yet today’s businesses need to stay abreast of technology if they expect to survive. Technology infiltrates every part of a business, down to the phone conversations we hold every day.

One of the newest and best ways for companies to handle their phone output is through a cloud phone system. Simply put, a cloud phone system transmits phone information through the internet. Here, the “cloud” is the internet. This system might look intimidating at first, but it holds several advance features that can help any business operate more efficiently and it also can integrate with most existing CRM’s.

Time Saved

In the past, most corporations and services relied on phones to build rapport with customers, keep them updated on sales and changes, and ask what they needed and wanted from the business.

While this enhanced customer relations, it usually kept employees limited to a single phone line at their desk with their on premise phone system. This also made it time consuming to manually call on multiple calling lists of customers on a daily basis. If employees had to be away from the company phone, they couldn’t conduct business as efficiently and would usually miss important customer follow up calls.

Transitioning to a cloud phone system guarantees your employees more effective ways to connect with customers and more time to spend talking with them. Since most employees have a phone or computer with them in some form all the time, they can now conduct phone conversations and conference calls wherever they are using features such as find me follow me, soft phone applications through their computer, and voicemail to email.

Cloud-based technology also improves the integration between the CRM and phone system of a company, allowing employees to click to dial any number in their customer data base and tracking that number back to the specific customer. This allows employees to make more calls efficiently and to track the number of calls and customer return phone calls all with in the same system.

Money Saved

One of a business owner’s biggest concerns is saving money, particularly in the small to medium size business sector. A traditional phone system eats a large part of a business’ budget each year. Some businesses may get phone and internet service from separate vendors, spending more money and time explaining their needs to two or more service providers.

By contrast, a cloud phone system is based around having one vendor for both voice & data service. The entire business saves money, and should there be a problem, employers can easily access one number for one expert service provider.

Integrating a Cloud Phone System

If you would like to upgrade your existing phone system but aren’t sure what direction you should go in, S-NET Communications can help familiarize you with the process. S-Net’s cloud phone system, works well with many popular CRM systems such as Salesforce, Sugar CRM, and Zoho. Integrating with VoIP/cloud technology will give your phone system several features older systems may not, such as the ability to click dial through your computer. Integrated systems also allow your CRM to log notes directly from each phone call, track inbound & outbound calls, and eliminate monotonous labor which will increase productivity.

S-NET provides the services mentioned above to companies of all sizes. Their ability to customize their cloud based services gives their clients exactly what they need to run their business. S-NET understands the value of communication, and that is why their knowledgeable staff coordinates and installs the hardware and software and are available 24/7 to assist with any problems that may arise. Click here: S-NET, and schedule a consultation to determine how they can improve your company’s efficiency and communication.

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