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Meet Jade Gray, Strategic Alliance Manager

January 19, 2022
Jade Gray, Strategic Alliance Manager

S-NET Strategic Alliance Manager, Jade Gray specializes in the franchise space and spends her workdays developing and nurturing brand relationships. Passionate about pairing people and businesses of all sizes with solutions designed to support their growth, Jade creates technology packages that solve her clients’ critical business needs and enjoys collaborating across multiple departments to ensure that each of her customers receives the best possible service. In her free time, she dabbles in plant propagations and cross hybrids. Can you guess what decorative plant species takes up the most space in her garden?

How long have you been with S-NET?

I joined the team in July of 2021.

Tell us a little about your background.

I have a Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Marketing. I chose this career path because I am passionate about pairing people and businesses of all sizes with solutions designed to enhance their day to day lives.

I spent nearly a decade working for boutique marketing agencies in South Florida specializing in Digital Marketing and Franchise sales. The experience has enabled me to flourish in my niche and excel in sales and business development.

What are your primary responsibilities at S-NET?

My core duties involve creating and nurturing brand relationships and providing businesses large and small with comprehensive technology solutions designed to grow their brands.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I find that being able to solve a problem and meet a business need is very rewarding. Most clients aren’t aware of alternative solutions that are available to them simply because they don’t know that such technology exists. Where I come in, is I help them envision what a comprehensive solution looks like – all provided through S-NET. Easy, one-stop-shop for all their brand’s technology needs, both current needs and setting the foundation to solve tomorrow’s issues.

I also enjoy interacting with my colleagues across multiple departments and building relationships across multiple channels. I particularly love the support and continued education S-NET provides me in order to excel at my role. There’s never a dull moment and there are always new opportunities to uncover.

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

The timing aspect can sometimes be a hindrance because lasting business relationships tend to take a while to fully blossom. But I’m learning how to lean into patience and continue to rely on the good, solid work that demonstrates our value to clients of all sizes.

What have been your favorite S-NET projects so far?

My favorite undertaking so far was the Marco’s Pizza franchise sales project that included the transition of numerous franchisees to S-NET’s VoIP and SD-WAN services and attending the brand’s most recent national convention. It provided me with great opportunities to collaborate with my team and I got to interface with many franchisees and members of the Marco’s corporate team.

Are there any accomplishments you are particularly proud of?

Being able to close three multi-location deals of 17, 15 and 13 stores for Marco’s Pizza is definitely a source of pride. [Smiles.]

How has S-NET helped you grow as a professional?

S-NET has always supported my continued thirst for knowledge, not just about the industry, but about the various technology solutions that help us stay competitive. From putting various tools and software at my disposal to providing a clear and structured vision of the company direction, I am never lost. I understand the market, my clients’ evolving needs, and I know what we can do to meet those changing needs.

Supporting me since Day One, S-NET has lived up to its core values and exemplifies true leadership across all aspects of the business. I love the genuine support both at a professional and personal level that I get to experience from my department. We have open lines of communication, and someone is always willing to lend a helping hand, whether it’s doing a joint training on a new tool or simply brainstorming on new ways to approach a problem. It great to feel supported through and through.

What exciting projects are you most looking forward to at S-NET?

I am looking forward to increasing our brand alliances across the franchise space and looking forward to growing the team. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

How do you like to spend your free time?

After hours, I enjoy tending my garden and I dabble in a bit of plant propagations and cross hybrids. You’ll usually find me at the garden center or botanical gardens on the weekends or researching new grafting techniques and pollination using various orchids.

I also love spending time with my son, and we usually frequent the beach or local parks. He means the world to me and there’s never a dull day in our house. Between soccer practice, homework, and playdates, this busy mom juggles a career and parenting, plus gardening and plant obsessions on the side. [Laughs.]

Are there any exciting plans that you look forward to?

I look forward to returning to a sense of normalcy and more in-person interactions. I recently had the opportunity to spend time with relatives that I haven’t seen in years due to the pandemic. It was great to be able to hang out – albeit with masks on.

I am also looking forward to attending national conventions again. I hope to be given the opportunity to do so and get to network in person again. I really miss it!



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