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Meet Justin Jawor, Sales Team Lead

November 24, 2020
Justin Jawor, Sales Team Lead

How long have you been with S-NET?

I joined S-NET’s Sales Team on December 26, 2018 – the day after Christmas.

How did you choose this career path?

I discovered my affinity for sales at Northern Illinois University while studying for my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. At the time, I was part of a student organization called AIESEC, the largest student-run organization in the world. Our faculty advisor, the Chairman of the Board of Advisors and members of our chapter saw my talents talking with people and recommended that I try out sales. Once I started, I never looked back. I became the top salesman in the United States for AIESEC and later got a certificate in business-to-business sales as well at NIU. I have been selling since I was 19 years old!

Where did you work before joining S-NET?

I held various Sales and Account Management roles in my career. My previous corporate sales position was with a software firm called BLUE Software, later acquired by Esko. BLUE Software is a platform that helps CPG businesses with the management of labeling and brand packaging. After BLUE, I took a sabbatical to focus on my acting, writing, and comedy pursuits while working at a high-end cocktail bar in the Gold Coast. But I quickly realized that the lifestyle was not for me and I decided to return to sales.

What are your primary responsibilities at S-NET?

I work with potential clients every day. I help businesses move to a solution that will allow them focus on their core business and not have to worry about their communications anymore.

I also serve as a Team Lead for the Enterprise Sales Team, so my responsibilities include not only prospecting, selling, and closing business myself, but I am also helping the rest of our sales team hit their goals through training and support. I am happy to have this opportunity.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your work?

I like helping people. Clients want their vendors to listen to them, ensure that things work and fix them quickly when needed. We do that at S-NET. Helping to be part of that process for people is rewarding. When I hear my clients come onboard and realize what a great team they have now to take care of them, it helps me feel motivated to keep going.

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

Teaching clients about our products and services and helping them figure out a solution that will work best for them is sometimes challenging, because there are so many variables and factors involved. But when we find the one that makes the biggest impact on their business, it’s a great feeling.

Are there any accomplishments that you are particularly proud of?

Being promoted to Enterprise Sales Team Lead, which was quite unexpected. It left me with a great sense of appreciation that upper management and my team believed in me, and trusted that I could take on this level of responsibility. This new role has allowed me to learn more about managerial decisions and tasks. I hope to continue to learn in this role and advance my skills in the next few years.

What exciting projects are you most looking forward to at S-NET?

We are currently working on developing a sales training program here at S-NET which I am spearheading. This type of project is something that I really enjoy. I am excited to roll it out to our existing team and new hires.

What do you enjoy the most about working here, with this team?

Everyone at S-NET is professional, friendly, and skilled. Our team has the knowledge and wherewithal to complete projects quickly and efficiently and it is a pleasure to work with people who want to get things done the right way. In addition, our entire team is welcoming and very open. I have really enjoyed getting to know people and have been pleasantly surprised at how fun everyone is!

How do you unwind after a long day at the office?

Well, under COVID times, I am spending a lot of time at home. I read, watch movies, play computer games or chess online. I like to cook, so I enjoy making meals for myself and others when I can.

Before COVID hit, I was doing comedy, acting, writing and producing my own short films and comedy sketches. I ran a YouTube channel and a podcast, and I hope to do so again once things return to some sort of normalcy. I just moved into a new apartment and I am excited to build out my home studio for my show.

I am also a huge Chicago sports fan. I would prefer ‘DA BEARS’ to be doing better this year, but I stay loyal anyway.

What is one thing most of your coworkers and clients don’t know about you?

I played soccer in Brazil and was really quite good. I almost went beyond college soccer.


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