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Meet Mike Muar, Strategic Alliance Manager

March 4, 2021
Mike Muar, Strategic Alliance Manager

What compelled you to chose a career in Telecommunications?

I joined the industry with the help of a mentor. He was serving as VP of Americas for a global telecommunications manufacturer at the time and I admired him for his business acumen. I really wanted to work for him, so I convinced him to give me a shot. Back then, I did not even know what a “Twisted Pair” meant.

His mentorship over the next 4 years really helped me gain tremendous insight into industry trends, up and coming technology, and what the proper channel approach was. I owe my 17-year career in Telecom directly to him.

How long have you been with S-NET?

I joined the team in late 2019, when my previous organization, SkyTalk Plus, was acquired by S-NET.

What was your role at SkyTalk?

I was one of the original members of SkyTalk. I initially served as a Channel Sales Manager, but I also participated in a wide range of other projects, from helping establish internal processes and procedures for order flow to developing Marketing collateral for end users and potential channel partners. In collaboration with founder and CEO, Wes Pace, we successfully built a partner channel and recruited over 200 resellers in just under two-years.

My role changed when SkyTalk acquired Fidelity Communications, a technology company that was very well known across the U.S. in the QSR business and had customers from some of the most recognized pizza brands. I became the Strategic Alliance Manager and focused solely on those accounts.

Helping to start a company from scratch and watching success come to fruition was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I am extremely grateful to Wes for providing me with that opportunity.

How did your role change once you joined S-NET?

I joined S-NET as Strategic Alliance Manager and I manage large QSR accounts, such a Marco’s Pizza. If given the opportunity, I would like to spearhead the S-NET QSR Division and be responsible for the direction and growth of that division as a whole.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I have been in and around the Telecom sector for 17 years now, so there is no doubt I love it. The evolution of the technology from when I started to now is absolutely incredible. The tools available to any size business now allows them to become more efficient than ever before.

I am extremely passionate about acquiring and supporting both new and existing customers. Organizations have many choices in the marketplace, so when they choose to do business with us, I always give them 100%, regardless of their company size.

What are the most challenging aspects of your work?

One of the most challenging aspects of my job is being able to communicate the benefits of the technology we provide in a way that is relatable to potential customers. I am always hyper-focused on helping to ensure that my customers not only understand the technology, but most importantly, they attain the comfort level they need in order to feel good about the decision they are making to move to the newer technology.

Are there any accomplishments that make you particularly proud?

I am extremely proud of my QSR Team and how we have been able to collectively grow and support this division. The people on my team are wonderful to work with and many of them have over 20 years of experience implementing and supporting businesses in the QSR space. They never cease to amaze me.

Moving forward, I expect that we will have the opportunity to help and support many more national brands with their voice and SD-WAN projects. The future is very bright for our QSR Division.

How has S-NET helped you grow as a professional?

Because S-NET’s existing portfolio is so diverse, and we are constantly adding new technology and services to it, it has allowed me to really expand my knowledge in the space. I genuinely love learning about new technology and seeing the benefits of that new technology play out when implemented.

How do you unwind after a long day at work?

LOL!!! Once my workday is over my next job starts… my kids. [Laughs.] With a high schooler and a middle schooler in the house, the car service usually begins shortly after work. Any free time I do get is almost exclusively dedicated to my family.  We love to camp and boat as often as we can.

This year for me is a big Birthday number and I have a cruise planned with about 40 people towards the end of the year. Of course, that all depends on the current climate.

Tell us one thing that most of your coworkers and clients don’t know about you?

Many years ago, I fished with a team in the Southern Kingfish Tournament series. My team traveled and participated in tournaments from North Carolina all the way to Biloxi, Mississippi. It was lot of fun, but it was grueling as well.


If you’d like to say hello, don’t hesitate to contact Mike at [email protected] or (727) 605-8063.


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