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Meet the Team | George Fetcho, Technology Consultant

January 16, 2019
George Fetcho Technology Consultant at S-NET

Don’t be surprised if you run into S-NET’s Technology Consultant, George Fetcho at a metal concert one of these weekends. During the week, he is managing S-NET’s channel partner program, helping businesses large and small find the right technical solutions for their teams. Read on to find out why he considers S-NET’s position on the market unique in the industry.

When did you start at S-NET Communications?

I have been with the S-NET Team since March, 2018.

Where did you go to college?

I have a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Math from Western Illinois University.

Why did you choose this career?

I actually stumbled across this career path as I was going through a job search. I saw an opportunity in the newspaper (yes, a newspaper!) for an Sales Account Rep position for a Telecom company called McLeod USA. It was close to where I was living, so I said “What the heck…” and I sent in my resume. My intro to Telecom started at McLeod USA in Orland Park out of pure geographic convenience. I found that this line of work really suits me so I stayed on this path.

What other companies have you worked for before S-NET?

I’ve been in telecom since the late 1990s with stints at McLeodUSA, Paetec and Motorola in various Sales and Sales Engineering roles. Over the last ten years, I was the west region Wholesale Manager at US Signal and National Channel Manager at Call One.

It’s worth mentioning that in 2007 I was on a crew that helped the Miami-Dade Police Department prepare for the Super Bowl XLI (Bears vs. Colts). We installed and monitored an outdoor IP video surveillance network around Dolphin Stadium in Miami leading up to the game.

What are your primary responsibilities at S-NET?

As a Technology Consultant, my primary responsibility is managing S-NET’s channel partner program. We do things differently in this very competitive market. VoIP, UCaaS and SD-WAN are crowded industries with large companies and massive marketing budgets that fight over enterprise accounts. S-NET has a unique opportunity to fly under the radar and help support our partners’ mid-sized business clients. These customers are typically overlooked and ignored from a customer service standpoint. But S-NET treats every customer equally, no matter the size, or whether we sold to them directly or not. We have great incentive programs for our partners and one of the best tech support offices in the business.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

I really enjoy being able to offer good solutions to businesses in need. All my prospective customers want better service, customer support and training. Almost every business I talk to has some horror story about poor service, a complete lack of client support, or minimal training that doesn’t prepare their employees for using the technology successfully.

At S-NET, I am able to offer much better service, and I can rest assured that they will receive the attention, support and help they need to make the most of what they are paying for. S-NET manages the entire cycle, from pre-sale discussions through onboarding, training and post-install with the utmost care and a white-glove approach. While I am on hand during the implementation, provisioning and install processes, I don’t have to babysit the order. I can relax because the account is in capable hands.

What are the more challenging aspects of your work?

Sometimes technology can be very complex. But I’m pretty good at knowing what I don’t know. I’m surrounded by very smart people at S-NET, so when I reach my limits, I lean on our internal SD-WAN and VoIP experts to help me figure out the best solution for each client.

Another challenge is that many people are intimidated by technology and fearful of change. One thing we hear all the time is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” even from companies that would greatly benefit from advancements in tech. So getting people to adopt new technologies, to remove their legacy equipment and move to cloud services is a speedbump we encounter every day.

Has S-NET helped you grow as a professional?

Definitely! S-NET’s management style is very down-to-earth and has made being in this crazy business fun again. It’s a pleasure to work with talented people, who are not only passionate about their work, but good at it. From every level of the organization, my entire team is pushing in the same direction in helping me to be successful.

How do you unwind during your free time?

I enjoy domestic beers from St. Louis and playing Candy Crush! (Laughs.) I am also very comfortable on a beach or at a pool with my wife, a cooler and a chair. I’ve got three great kids who, thank goodness, all resemble their mother, and I love spending time with them.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself?

Most people don’t know that I played Division II College Baseball (outfield), and I’m a hardcore metalhead who actively attends concerts. Don’t be surprised to bump into me at Metallica this spring, Ozzy and Megadeth at Milwaukee Summerfest or RiotFest in the fall!


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