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S-NET Engage, Chicago

S-NET Engage


An Intelligent Contact Center Solution to Help You Boost Customer Satisfaction and ROI

Deliver exceptional, AI-powered client experiences across channels through a single interface without the need to increase agent headcount.

Customer Centric

Meet your clients on their preferred channels of communications and design exceptional customer experience flows on each using sentiment analysis and robust AI.

Custom Solutions

Design automated customer communication flows that best meet the unique needs of your clients and business, and track key KPIs using custom reports.

Improved Efficiency

Empower your staff to connect with customers efficiently across channels using a single, intuitive agent interface and let AI-powered self-service speed up customer support.

Powerful Integrations

Provide your team with a unified software ecosystem by integrating your contact center platform with your CRM, ticketing system and the powerful AI engine of your choice.

Boost customer satisfaction and ROI with powerful features:

Seamless Communications

Seamless Communications

Manage the customer journey across multiple communication channels through a single, intuitive interface.

Automated Client Experiences

Automated Client Experiences

Drag-and-drop designer for automated customer communications over voice, chat, email and more.

Efficient Routing

Efficient Routing

Route each client inquiry to the best suited agent and set advanced routing policies to keep all channels staffed.

Sentiment and Text Analysist

Sentiment & Text Analysis

Understand your clients' intent and state of mind to offer the best possible service at any given time.

Triggers and Automations

Triggers & Automations

Automate repetitive tasks or processes and answer more client inquiries without increasing headcount.

Unified Software Ecosystem

Unified Software Ecosystem

Connect your CRM, ticketing system, messaging app or preferred AI engine for efficient workflow management.

Customized Reporting

Customized Reporting

Monitor key KPIs and make informed decisions on staffing and customer service.

Scripting Tool

Scripting Tool

Give your staff the scripts they need to respond quickly, efficiently and on brand.

Plans & Features

S-NET Engage Call Center S-NET Engage Contact Center S-NET Engage Contact Center Ultimate
Text messaging (SMS)
Web chat
Agent softphone
Integrated voice response (IVR) system
Call recording
Realtime monitoring
Analytics & reporting
Whisper &  barge-in
Automatic call distribution
Outbound dialer
Contact management
Open API & REST API channels
AI sentiment analysis integration optional optional
API integration optional optional
Automated speech recognition (ASR) integration optional optional
Chatbot integration optional optional
Grafana integration optional optional
Instagram connector optional optional
Screen recording optional optional
Text-to-speech (TTS) integration optional optional
WhatsApp connector optional optional

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