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Migrate to the Cloud

Migrate to the Cloud

Move Your Business to the Cloud

Say goodbye to the high costs and tedious management of outdated on-premises technologies and provide your business with the leading-edge, flexible, cloud-based communications and networking solutions it needs to thrive.

Secure and Reliable Service Reduce your expenses and move your communications to the cloud

VoIP Business Phone System

Are you stuck with an out-of-date phone system that no longer supports your business needs? It’s time to switch to a cloud-based VoIP solution. Relieve your business of the costly internal infrastructure, high expenses and burdensome maintenance of on-premises phone systems, and move to a scalable, feature-rich cloud communications solution. Enjoy exceptional uptime and reliability with our network QoS, and let us reduce your IT workload with end-to-end management and full access and oversight for your solution.

  • Business-critica features for Voice, Video, Messaging, Screen- and File Sharing, Task Management and more.
  • Powerful cloud communications solutions fully customized to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Scalable system architecture with centralized provisioning, monitoring and management.
  • S-NET Connect mobile and desktop applications for business communications on the go.
  • S-NET Live online collaboration tools for reliable, high-quality video, chat, screen- and file sharing within one intuitive workspace.
  • Easy and seamless integration with a wide variety of business applications including Office 365 and CRMs.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting for real-time and historic insights.
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Secure and Reliable Service Optimize your connections to cloud-based resources and simplify migration

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking)

With an increasing number of your business-critical resources moving to the cloud, you need an infrastructure that provides you with fast, reliable access to all of your applications and data. SD-WAN technology simplifies migration with reliable site-to-site, site-to-data-center and site-to-cloud connections. It gives you full visibility and control over your network and allows you to optimize the performance of your cloud-based applications.

  • Prepares your network for cloud migration with reliable connections to all your on-premises and cloud-based resources.
  • Ensures optimal performance for all cloud-based applications with intelligent traffic steering and bandwidth optimization capabilities.
  • Eliminates outages and provides your staff with superior user experience with seamless failover between multiple links.
  • Reduces the reliance on expensive dedicated circuits, cutting networking costs and boosting ROI.
  • Increases agility by simplifying network deployment and changes with zero-touch provisioning and mass-deployment of configurations.
  • Enhances the security of the entire network with built-in next-generation firewalls.
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Secure and Reliable ServiceEnsure reliable connectivity fine-tuned to your critical cloud-based resources

Fiber Optic Connectivity

Build a high-capacity, resilient network infrastructure that provides your dispersed staff with a secure connection to your cloud-based resources and delivers all your business-critical applications reliably. S-NET’s Fiber Optic Connectivity is designed for business performance and provides 99.9% guaranteed uptime and SLAs including network availability, network latency and packet delivery.

  • A scalable network tailored to your unique business needs with exceptional configuration and application flexibility.
  • Fine-tuned for bandwidth-intense and latency-sensitive workflows such as VoIP, video, online collaboration, complex cloud databases and large file transfers.
  • Symmetrical upload and download speeds for superior user experience and employee efficiency.
  • Free installation, 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, router management and maintenance.
  • Enterprise-grade connections powered by AT&T. ATT Badge
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