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1. Support Services

a)  Help Desk. S-NET will provide Customer with technical support, available by telephone or email to assist Customer with its technical and operational inquiries related to the use of the S-NET Software. S-NET will provide, maintain and operate a help desk staffed by S-NET personnel with the required knowledge and expertise to respond to service calls, including, but not limited to, responding to technical or operational inquiries, creating electronic trouble tickets, assigning severity levels, and facilitating the resolution of the issue.

b)  Updates and Upgrades. As part of Support Services, Customer will be entitled, without additional charge, to receive all Updates and Upgrades (when and if generally available). S-NET will make available to Customer, each Update or Upgrade no later than 30 days after the date on which it first becomes commercially available to S-NET’s Customers.

1. Customer Obligations

Customer will provide S-NET access to the S-NET Software as reasonably required to perform the Support Services. S-NET may require remote online access to perform system diagnostics and maintenance. If Customer is unable to provide remote access, onsite support may be available for an additional charge.

2. Supported S-NET Software

a)  Upgrades of S-NET Software are supported for 2 years from the date of the first release.

b)  Updates of S-NET Software are supported for the longer of two timeframes of either (a) 6 months from the date of release of its respective Upgrade or (b) 2 months after a subsequent Update.

c)  S-NET reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify the terms of this Section 3.

1. Error Severity & Priority

a)  “Priority Type High” shall mean an error in S-NET Software or any component thereof, that materially impairs (including loss of connectivity at a branch location),  of at least 25% of Customer’s users, the use of a service or product provided by S-NET. This error in the S-NET Software prevents normal operational business and for which no known workaround exists.

b)  “Priority Type Medium” shall mean an error that disables a specific non-critical function of Customer Software, such as the reporting capabilities of the service or product provided by S-NET.  The lost functionality impairs the operations to a degree that inhibits normal Customer system functions without disrupting service.; however, the event does not affect or otherwise impair the use of the service or product provided by S-NET.  Although this error will not result in disruption of service, the error requires a manual workaround for use of S-NET Software.

c)  “Priority Type Normal” shall mean an error in S-NET Software or component thereof that has no significant effect on the functionality of S-NET Software and causes only minor inconvenience to the Customer (such as cosmetic problems in the user interface of the service or product provided by S-NET). Includes general questions by Customer regarding the functionality of S-NET Software.

d)  “Priority Type Low” means no impact to S-NET Software or any component thereof. May include new feature requests and general Customer inquiries.

1. Error Response

a)  Error Response. S-NET will meet or exceed the minimum response times set forth in the table below.

Severity Level Acknowledgment Response Time Call Update Rate Resolution Time
Priority High Within 2 hours Every 4 hours Around the clock until service is restored
Priority Medium Within 4 hours Every 1 business day Within 72 hours
Priority Normal Within 1 business day Every 3 business days Within 7 calendar days
Priority Low Within 3 business days Every 1 Week Within 30 calendar days

b)  If S-NET cannot provide a final resolution within the applicable time to restore specified in the table above, S-NET shall provide a workaround within such period and shall work diligently to provide a final resolution: (i) for Priority Level 1 errors, within 2 weeks after the receipt of notice of the error by S-NET from Customer; and (ii) for Priority Level 2 and Priority Level 3 errors, within the next scheduled Update or Upgrade.

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