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Top 3 Ways Your Phone And Internet Are Ruining Your Leads

March 12, 2017
SIP Trunking

Poor telecommunication systems are going to kill your business.

Ask any business owner and they’ll tell you how crucial communication is to their processes and ultimately, their success. It’s a foundation from which all other integrated pieces and people function out of. The last two decades alone have seen an impressive growth for the telecommunication industry: nearly every business sector and industry rely on one form of it or another, partially thanks to emerging technologies and the need for efficient platforms.

The Woes of Telecom In Business Today

As networks expand and the demand for flawless communication grow, businesses have become increasingly reliant on telecommunication efficiency, both internally and externally. Clearly, the 21st century business has become dependent on these technologies in order to conduct business adequately and remain in the loop with their respective sector and with outside parties. But like any product or service, it doesn’t always meet the expected standard of quality.

“That’s the issue. Everybody wants to flaunt the features of their products, but they overlook some of the basic necessities that clients have for communication,” says Alex Fayne of S-NET, who since 1997 has worked on both the technological and business ends of the industry.

So what do you do when your phone calls drop in the middle of a conversation? Scramble to call back and apologize? The same can be said about Internet outages. Can you really afford to be a business that goes through downtime? Realistically, any time you spend “off” is time your potential client or customer is willing to give to someone else.

Telecommunication For Your Business: What To Look For

1. Quality Is Key

With the plethora of hardware being created or already available, the features your phone system can carry are
limitless. However, in pursuing these extra perks, many have overlooked the basics: quality. There is a trend of new
tech plagued with the quality of older phone systems. This means an inefficiency of a real time application. Phone
calls, as you know, are streamed. A few seconds of delay on your end means the entire conversation is delayed—the
millisecond lag in communication between you and your customer is enough to suffer your business.

There are newer technologies that can address this, but not all companies have embraced them yet.

It offers failover: in the event of a dropped call or
outage, you are switched over to a secondary system so that you can continue to operate.”

TIP: Don’t let all the features and beautiful looking hardware fool you. The first thing a telecom provider
should be pushing in a sale is the quality and consistency they are going to provide you. Everything else is

2. “Plug and Pray”

Once upon a time, you would have a trained, knowledgeable individual come to your business and set up your telecommunication

“The problem here is that no one wants to commit to this anymore. There is a loss of communication between the
business and the client, all for the sake of saving time and money on the provider’s end,” comments
Fayne, who sees an increasing trend within companies to neglect the need for technicians and human relations.

Indeed, many providers opt for the “plug and pray” delivery model: send all materials and hardware (be it
phone, Internet, or otherwise) to the customer and hope they are able to successfully install and use them. What
they fail to understand is that most businesses don’t have the time to read through manuals nor do they
comfortably understand the complexities that some materials can come with.

TIP: If the company isn’t willing to invest in a technician to help you make your job easier, they are probably
not worth the commitment.

3. Management

You know that time is critical to you. The last thing you need is for problems to arise and find yourself given the
runaround when trying to get them fixed. Companies that put too much reliance on automation find themselves
straining their relationships with clients without even knowing it.

“Again, interaction is the problem. This definitely does not work with high demand enterprise customers. You
call, get a help desk representative who most likely do not understand the technology, and they offer to submit a
service ticket until they can get you in contact with an expert. You need to solve a problem, not wait on a

S-NET navigates these kinds of issues by simply streamlining their communication center:

“It’s just a matter of having the bodies available. We use account managers. There is no on else
involved, really. There just isn’t a need for that. With AMs, clients are put into contact with experienced
individuals who can talk them through an issue rather than just take down details for a report. It’s faster
when you go straight to the source, and really it just benefits all parties involved.”

TIP: Your provider should offer some kind real-time service
if you face downtime or when technical issues occur, and this service shouldn’t put your dilemma in the hands
of someone who is simply going to pass it on to somebody else.

Stay Connected, Not Conflicted

As you commit yourself to a telecom provider, fine tune your senses to understand what your particular business
needs. Recognize that at the end of the day, the quality of a phone call or just being able to use the Internet
should be a comfortable and efficient experience, not the anxiety of poor service. After all, the difference between
competence and inability is enough to pull all your hard work asunder.

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