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Why Call Forwarding Is Critical for Your Business

March 14, 2019
Call Forwarding - Sequential and Sumultaneous Ring

In the last decade, telecommunication has made tremendous progress to meet contemporary business needs. The development of many features, like Call Forwarding, serve a dynamic modern workforce and let employees stay productive on-the-go. But while VoIP technology makes endless Call Forwarding configurations possible, most business owners have limited knowledge of its capabilities. Today’s features go far beyond forwarding business calls to a cellphone. And the best part? Most VoIP providers offer their advanced Call Forwarding settings for free. Read on to learn how Call Forwarding can help your business stay connected and available to clients.

The Benefits of Call Forwarding

Have you ever returned from an off-site meeting to find a full voicemail inbox? Have you ever played phone tag with a client or partner, trying to catch them while in the office? Has your building ever lost power during a storm and clients were unable to reach customer service? Does part of your team work from home regularly? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, setting up Call Forwarding may be critical for your business.

With Call Forwarding, your Sales team could answer calls while sitting in traffic. Your management team can have their calls forwarded so that they are accessible while on-the-go. If a storm prevents your customer service team from coming into the office, they can answer calls from home, or calls can be forwarded to personnel at another location.

Forwarding calls ensures that no important conversation slips through the cracks and keeps your team productive on-the-go. VoIP rules-based routing and forwarding can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business without the hefty price tag of such solutions in the past. Here are a few features of Call Forwarding and examples of how they can benefit your business:

Forward to Any Internal or External Number

VoIP enables you to set up call forwarding to any number, whether it’s a part of your company directory or not. Be available for critical conversations by answering from a different branch location, your home office, your cell phone, or forward your calls to a colleague. By ending your ring sequence with voicemail, you can ensure that no call is missed when you are unable to answer from any device.

Sequential & Simultaneous Ring

With VoIP, you can customize the exact sequence in which your devices should ring, and the number of rings before forwarding. For example, incoming calls could first go to your desk phone, then to your mobile device if the call goes unanswered in three rings, and finally, to voicemail. If a ring sequence doesn’t fit your needs, you can set all your devices to ring at the same time. A simultaneous ring lets you answer right away from any location.

Forward to Multiple Devices or Ring Groups

VoIP can also forward calls to multiple devices at once, as well as predefined ring groups. If a rep steps away from their desk, their calls can be forwarded to the entire Customer Service department. Unanswered inquiries can also be forwarded to multiple voicemail boxes. This method maximizes the chances of the call being answered right away and no important messages get lost.

Business Hour Rules

Business hours rule every aspect of corporate life. With VoIP you can have up-to-the-minute control over how your calls are routed during and outside of business hours. You can set rules depending on the time of day or day of the week. For example, rerouting client calls to an answering service can ensure that customers’ needs are addressed after business hours.

Disaster Preparedness

Part of your disaster preparedness plan should focus on ensuring business and communications continuity during an emergency. Call Forwarding enables employees to work from a secondary location during a snowstorm or when your building loses power. You may wish to move your staff to another branch location or allow them to work from home. During this time, callers will not know that the system is routing them to an external number or location.


Call Forwarding is one of the most beneficial, yet underutilized features of VoIP. It can be customized up to the last detail and settings can be as simple or as complex as your organization’s needs. Call Forwarding ensures that important calls are not just dumped into voicemail when you are away from your desk. Contact your system admin or the S-NET Technical Support Team to configure your Call Forwarding settings.



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