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Integrated CRM Solutions in Chicago 


    Integrate your call center and PBX into Customer Relations Management to maximize your customers’ service experience.

    Do you wish you could combine your call center with Salesforce or Sugar CRM to make customer service more comprehensive? With Voice Integration from S-NET, your call center staff will be able to stay on top of customer relations through Cloud-based voice and software support. Helping customers is much easier when you can view their transactions. When you integrate voice into your CRM, you will boost the efficiency of your staff and the satisfaction of your customers.

    Improve your Customer Relations Management with no new equipment.

    Enjoy all the benefits of integrating voice into your CRM system. By choosing S-NET’s hosted CRM, your staff will utilize the following features:

    • Screenpop: Identifies customers based on their phone numbers.
    • Automatic Updates: Instantly updates customer profiles based on input during CRM calls.
    • Integrated Call Control: Controls desk phone from the computer, cutting back on delays.
    • Click-to-Dial: Calls customers much more efficiently than a number pad on a phone.

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