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9 Common VoIP Misconceptions

June 1, 2021
Understanding Common VoIP Misconeceptions

We’ve all heard some of the common Voip misconceptions, like “it’ll overload my network.” But, How true are they? VoIP is quickly becoming the dominant platform for phone communications, and for good reason. The right VoIP solution can give your team a significant boost in productivity and can dramatically improve your customer interactions.

However, despite its mass adoption amongst businesses across the world, VoIP is still shrouded in some mystery. We’ve broken down 9 of the most common VoIP misconceptions so you can rest assured that you’re fully informed.

As you discover more and more of the benefits of VoIP, contact us for a free evaluation of your current phone system.

1. It will be hard to set it up.

Wrong! VoIP phone is super easy to set up. In fact, it takes significantly less time, capital, and equipment than setting up a traditional premise-based phone system. With most VoIP phones, setup is as quick and easy as plugging your phone in. Seriously, that’s it. 

2. VoIP is only for high-tech companies. 

While VoIP tends to be adopted at a higher rate by tech companies, its benefits reach all industries. Healthcare clinics, dealerships, shipping and logistics companies, restaurants, dental offices, legal offices, are all happy S-NET VoIP customers, just to name a few. Companies large and small, from coast-to-coast all benefit from VoIP.

3. VoIP will overload your network. 

Will VoIP slow your internet down? Not at all. You only need about 100 Kbps to support VoIP, which most businesses have far surpassed. Most internet speeds are calculated in Mbps, and 1 Mbps is 1,000 times faster than 1 Kbps, so you can rest assured that your internet will operate just fine. 

4. VoIP is less secure than premise-based phones. 

Because it is hosted in the cloud, it’s understandable that you may have concerns about how secure VoIP is. However, VoIP is as secure as a traditional phone system. All you need is a stable internet connection to secure VoIP calls. Conversely, premise-based phone systems require you to build and maintain their infrastructure. 

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5. Advanced Call Center features are expensive. 

VoIP’s many advanced features, like custom ring strategies, click to dial, auto attendants, and call monitoring may seem expensive, but actually aren’t! In fact, your VoIP phone system can actually save you money! Up to 30% on your total phone bill. 

6. VoIP calls quality is poor. 

So long as you have a stable internet connection, your call quality will also be stable. There is no evidence to support that VoIP calls are poor quality! In fact, in many cases, users report even higher phone quality after switching to the cloud. 

7. You need to get a new phone number. 

Nope! We allow for number porting, so you can bring your old numbers with you! Or, if you’d prefer, you can set any available custom number you want, including area code, regardless of where you’re located. 

8. Upgrades cost a lot. 

Upgrading and scaling your VoIP phone system could not be easier! Most VoIP providers offer a simple $X per user per month model. With this easy and predictable model for adding new users, you’ll always know what to expect as you scale. On average, this price hovers around $25/user/month.

9. You need to buy new equipment. 

Still using an analog phone system? No worries! You can easily modernize your current phone system so it will work with VoIP. All you need is an analog telephone adaptor (ATA)!

The Bottom Line

Clearly, misconceptions galore surround VoIP phone. As technologies continue to advance and evolve, these common VoIP myths and misconceptions will only snowball into more and more outlandish claims. 

While VoIP is in general a much simpler telecommunications solution, that does not mean you can “go it alone.” As is the case with any technology, you’ll need a trusted partner to guide you as you modernize and maximize your communications. 

S-NET is Chicagoland’s preferred total cloud solutions provider. We offer a full suite of cloud-based telecommunications services, all of which are fully customizable to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for all of your cloud communications needs. 


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