The S-NET Journey

S-NET's tailored-fit approach to helping you reach your goals

S-NET is the leader in concierge customer service. We tailor our white-glove services and support framework to your business for a fully-personalized experience. With S-NET, you will always get the exceptional service and attention to detail you deserve.

How S-NET Works
Journey from Sale to Installation

Journey from Technology Challenge to Tailored-fit Success

Here at S-NET, we don't believe in the "plug-and-pray" approach. We provide personalized support throughout your transition to your new services and for the lifetime of the customer relationship.

  • When you contact S-NET, our Solutions team will discuss your business challenges and collaborate to create an ideal solution tailored to your unique requirements. We will guide you through our portfolio, make suggestions, and outline how S-NET will champion your continued growth and success.
  • Once the solution has been agreed upon, your Solutions team will connect you to a Dedicated Project Manager, who will be your go-to resource throughout the implementation process, starting with an in-depth project discussion and site survey.
  • Your Project Manager then begins the implementation process with our team of technical professionals including an Implementation Engineer and Provisioning Specialist. We offer fully managed implementation services and work side-by-side with your team to determine critical dates in the project and special requirements for your solution.
  • S-NET's technical team will fully configure and provision your solution prior to go-live, captained by your Project Manager. When ready, our team will provide in-depth training for your organization to ensure a smooth transition to the Solution Network.
  • Once you are onboarded to the Solution Network, your Project Manager will hand off your account to your Client Technology Advisor (CTA). Your CTA is your Dedicated resource and direct contact to S-NET for any questions, comments, or concerns. Whether it's adding to your existing system, additional training, or exploring a new business feature, your CTA is there for you every step of the way.
  • Our commitment to your experience is what drives us and separates us from the competition. We are dedicated to your long-term success as your Solution Network and trusted technology partner.

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