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Can I keep my own existing telephone numbers with S-NET service?

S-NET Communications allows you to keep your existing telephone numbers.

Can I have my home office, small office or branch office connected to my S-NET Service?

Yes! Wherever you have high speed broad band Internet service available you can connect to your S-NET service, whether in New York, London, Manila or Helsinki!

What if we have presence in a number of markets nationwide?

S-NET Communications enables you to assume numbers wherever you are. You can have a presence in multiple markets, allowing you to function nationally and keep the local touch using our virtual numbers!

Who handles the migration and implementation?

All S-NET implementations are assigned to dedicated project managers that lead you through the installation process. Nothing is left to chance!

Will we be out of service?

At S-NET, your service takes precedence. Our seasoned project managers will test circuits, equipment and programming prior to cut over, making your transition to S-NET as seamless as possible.

Is all this done remotely?

S-NET will show up, in person, to handle all aspects of dealing with your IT infrastructure. Our onsite installation crews are specifically trained for VoIP installations. In addition, we will provide training for you and your staff both onsite and through our own video training tutorials.

What happens after we convert to S-NET?

After implementation, S-NET’s technical support is available for routine programming changes, instruction, and troubleshooting. You will be able to reach Tier 1 and Tier 2 technicians who will resolve any issues you might have, either on the phone or remotely. Best of all, all post-sale assistance is automatically included with your service.

What happens if my hardware breaks?

Because we offer complete management and maintenance of your entire system, if something breaks, we will replace it at no additional charge.

If we have an IT consultant that manages our network, will you work with them?

Of course! We actually prefer to discuss S-NET service with your IT consultant, whose expertise will be much-appreciated as we collaborate on improving your network’s infrastructure.

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