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Chicago Business Communications

When it comes to Chicago business communications, you want your company on the leading edge. Local organizations face the dual challenge of claiming their niche in Chicago’s growing market and delivering enterprise-grade communications to customers nationwide — even SMBs are on the hook to meet growing consumer and employee expectations around access, ease of use and reliability.

S-NET Communications has you covered. As your Chicago managed services partner, we offer the solutions and expertise you need to embrace digital transition and take total control of your business communications.


How is your current business phone system? Many Chicago-area companies are still using outdated technology that works “well enough” but can’t adapt to emerging communication trends.

Our cloud VoIP phone systems can completely replace your aging, on-site technology, letting you fully embrace the mobile and digital revolution. Instead of managing and upgrading costly hardware, all maintenance and service is handled off-site by S-NET’s team of experts. Combined with full CRM and mobile support, you get the benefit of anywhere, anytime communications and a future-proof solution; even as traditional providers go under, S-NET’s cloud is regularly (and automatically) updated with new features.

Best of all, we provide all hardware, software, provisioning and on-site installation for a low monthly fee. Considering VoIP phone systems in Chicago? Start with S-NET Communications.


Along with top-tier cloud communications, we also offer Chicago managed services such as SD-WAN. The benefit to your business? Software-defined (SD) wide area networks (WANs) bridge the gap between complex MPLS systems and unreliable broadband WAN connections to simplify your networking and link multiple physical locations. Benefits include reduced cost and complexity, improved application performance, seamless failover between links and superior-quality VoIP calling.

Concerned about network security? Leverage our managed cloud firewall to protect critical assets without breaking the budget on new IT staff and technologies. The automatic protection of cloud firewalls helps quickly identify threats, provides real-time troubleshooting and simplifies security incident response, all while reducing total security expenditures.


We’re a local provider, and we’ve been serving Chicago-area companies for more than 12 years. Our top-tier technology and unmatched reliability help us stand out in a crowded communications market, but it’s our unbeatable, best-in-class customer service that really sets us apart. At S-NET, we’re committed to delivering not just the best cloud phone system in Chicago or the best-managed services, but a level of responsiveness and commitment you can find only in locally owned and operated organizations.

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