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2024 Trends: How to Leverage AI, Enhance Cybersecurity, and Centralize Communications for a Superior Customer Experience

2024 trends 2024 trends
George Gazdacka January 22, 2024

Welcome to 2024! With a new year ahead of us, S-NET is weighing in on the 2024 trends every business should keep in mind, providing insider insights to help you reach your goals. As leaders in cloud communications and white-glove service, we are dedicated to helping businesses grow and thrive in constant change and digital evolution. 

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2024 Trends in Cloud Communications 

The trends we’ll cover in this blog include: 

  • Evolution of Voice Communications 
  • Distributed Workforces & Centralized Communications 
  • Increased Emphasis on Customer-centric Experience Platforms 
  • The Influence of AI 
  • Keeping Up with Cybersecurity & the Digital World

Evolution of Voice Communications 

Voice technology has revolutionized every aspect of business communications and collaboration, and it continues to evolve with the times. Even with the increased popularity of video meetings and asynchronous communication, voice has remained an essential business tool. Current trends in the development of 5G networks, WebRTC, AI, and the Internet of Things are once again reshaping how businesses leverage voice technology. The ability to customize communications platforms also introduces new ways to tailor voice calling and workflows to a business’ unique needs. Finding a voice technology partner who is on top of the 2024 trends and can provide tailored-fit solutions offers a significant advantage to future-proof your business in a rapidly changing technology landscape. 

Distributed Workforces & Centralized Communications 

The modern workforce is distributed across locations and time zones, meaning remote work is here to stay. To make this more complicated, businesses are also revisiting hybrid models where employees will be expected to go back and forth between remote and in-office work. To compensate for these varied and shifting work environments, the business’ communication tools must become more centralized, to serve as a reliable and consistent backbone for the organization no matter how or where people are working. This can be achieved by sourcing the right solution or finding a vendor that can leverage your existing investments to create a cohesive communications platform. Whichever option you choose, it comes down to choosing the right blend of technology and service.  

Increased Emphasis on Customer-centric Experience Platforms 

In a similar vein to centralizing internal communication workflows, streamlining customer experiences across all touchpoints is increasingly important for businesses that want to gain a competitive edge. Customers expect seamless, frustration-free experiences no matter how they want to contact you. Investing in an omnichannel contact center platform that allows for custom workflows as well as integrations with AI engines and mission-critical line of business applications can provide this advantage. This allows you to customize and streamline all interactions in your customer service workflows, monitor agent performance, produce comprehensive reports, and empower agents with the tools they need to deliver exceptional service that showcases your brand in the best light possible.  

The Influence of AI 

Artificial Intelligence is increasingly top of mind for businesses as they strive to stay on the cutting edge. But as an emerging and often perplexing technology, there is a learning curve for how to harness and leverage AI to the best of its potential. AI can help automate internal workflows, summarize meeting notes, generate content, facilitate and enhance customer interactions, and much more. With so many capabilities to consider, on top of selecting the right AI vendor and integrating AI into your business processes, it helps to turn to a technology partner that can do most of the legwork for you so you can focus on getting the most from your technology. 

Keeping Up with Cybersecurity & the Digital World 

With more businesses relying on digital infrastructure, two distinct areas come into focus: Internet connectivity and Cybersecurity. As more technologies require a stable and secure Internet connection, keeping this vital resource up and running becomes essential. Busy companies should turn to a managed services provider to help them plan and set up the right network for their traffic and device needs, as well as continuously monitor it to prevent downtime and threats. This alleviates daily operational demands so you can focus on your goals while having peace of mind that your technology will always be available to you with the right amount of bandwidth and security. 

Final Thoughts 

Every year brings new business challenges, and it can be difficult to navigate constant change while also staying on top of your specific goals. No matter what the 2024 trends have in store for you, S-NET always recommends best business practices for future-proofing your business technology. Our experts are standing by to help you assess your needs, provide tailored-fit solutions, and be your guide every step of the way throughout 2024 and beyond.

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