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5 Ideas for a Fun Holiday Party over Videoconference

Employee attending virtual holiday party Employee attending virtual holiday party
S-NET Communications, Inc. December 15, 2020

After an unconventional year that challenged us in more ways than we thought possible, we could all use a joyful company party to celebrate our successes and lift our spirits. But with more employees working remotely than ever before, traditional holiday parties may be out of reach. Not to worry! You can still inject some fun into your holiday season with a virtual celebration. Finding creative ways to celebrate together can go a long way in boosting company morale and end the year on a high note. Here are 5 fun ideas for a virtual holiday party.

Host a Company Awards Ceremony over Videoconference

If you like to award your staff for outstanding work, this is an important year to continue that tradition and provide them with a much-needed sense of normalcy this holiday season. You can acknowledge employee successes and contributions over video conference, send out PDF or mailed diplomas, and reward exceptional performance with online gift cards to give everyone a morale boost.

For a bit of extra fun, hand out a few creative awards as well. Your ‘multi-task champion’ or the person ‘most likely to be the first to join a video call’ will surely appreciate the recognition.

Invite Your Team to an Online Cooking, Baking or Mixology Class

We all know that holiday parties are just as much about good food and drinks as they are about building connections. But with in-person parties postponed, most teams will not be able to share a nice meal or have drinks together this year. So give your team the opportunity to enjoy a holiday-themed culinary experience together by organizing a virtual cooking, baking or mixology class for them.

There are many local restaurants who are currently offering these types of online classes, or you can have a volunteer from your team lead the activity. Keep your recipes simple and ensure that everyone has easy access to ingredients, whether you provide a shopping list ahead of time or mail everyone all the components they’ll need.

Incorporate Games in your Holiday Videoconference

Holiday-themed games are a fun way to jazz up any virtual party. You can organize a virtual scavenger hunt and ask team members to find holiday items around their homes. You can also compile a list of holiday-themed trivia questions and let your staff compete against each other. Or you can even organize a holiday version of the ‘Never Have I Ever’ game to find out who has regifted presents or tried to get a sneak peek of their gifts ahead of time. Just make sure you keep it clean!

Don’t Give Up on Holiday Gifting

Gifting is one of the most cherished traditions of the holiday season and many companies incorporate some version of it in their December team-building repertoire. Keep the tradition going by shipping gifts and hosting a virtual gift opening party.

You can keep things simple by sending your team a small care package with cookies, candy, cocoa, or other treats they will like, and enjoy them together over a video call. Or, if you want to keep your Secret Santa tradition going, consider limiting the gift exchange to virtual presents, such as online event tickets or gift cards.

Invite Your Staff to a Live Virtual Performance

With in-person events cancelled, many performing artists are now finding creative, alternative ways to do their work. Consider hiring performers who can translate their craft to a great virtual experience, and entertain your team with music, dancing or a comedy performance. Including good old-fashioned entertainment in your virtual holiday party will help loosen your team and create a fun atmosphere.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Virtual Holiday Party

Set time aside for non-structured conversation. This helps make up for all the watercooler chat your team has been missing out on. Give them some time during the party to connect in a relaxed atmosphere.

Keep celebrations inclusive. Sticking to a winter theme for all your games and entertainment will be fun for everyone, regardless what holidays they celebrate this month.

If possible, organize your party during regular work hours to avoid interruptions by family members.
Avoid scheduling too many calls for the day of the event. Video conference fatigue is real and you don’t want your team to show up burned out.

Don’t forget to have fun and let loose a bit. We all had an incredibly challenging year and could use some nice social time to connect with colleagues!

A virtual party may not be your first choice, but it’s a great way to stay connected and celebrate with each other. With a little creativity, it’s possible to find ways to engage your staff, build bonds, maintain company culture and create a sense of normalcy around the holidays.

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