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7 Reasons Why You Should Bundle Your Business Internet with Your Cloud Phone System

7 Reasons Why You Should Bundle Your Business Internet with Your Cloud Phone System 7 Reasons Why You Should Bundle Your Business Internet with Your Cloud Phone System
George Gazdacka November 1, 2023

If you’re searching for reliable business Internet to power your workflows, you are likely aware of how important finding the right Internet provider is for the ongoing success and productivity of your business. What you may not have considered is how finding the right business Internet provider is just the beginning of ensuring optimal productivity and performance for your network.

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Often sold as a separate product, business Internet is a vital technology for every organization. Your bandwidth, uptime, and connection quality all directly impact how your business applications function and allow you to accomplish your goals each day. All your communications technologies including phones, email, chat applications, point-of-sale, and line of business apps typically require a reliable Internet connection with adequate speeds to function.  

As demands on your network increase with the rise of remote work and digital transformation trends, your business needs to find more innovative ways to keep up. Bundling your business Internet with your cloud phone system under the same technology vendor offers several hidden benefits that can help. Here are the top 7 reasons for you to consider:

Enhanced Communication Capabilities 

When you get your communication tools and the network that supports them from the same provider, you automatically enhance your experience with a cohesive environment and seamless UX. Your provider will not only be able to support your system and integrated communications tools but will also have first-hand insights into your business Internet connection. This allows them to monitor and manage all your communications with a greater attention to detail and provide the dedicated service your business needs to thrive.   

Improved Collaboration  

For the modern office, business Internet demands are increasing due to new challenges with remote work and mobile employees. To ensure the best experience for your employees and customers, you need a provider that can help design and support a network that’s tailored to your unique needs. This goes double for your cloud phone system, which ties all of your daily workflows together using the same cohesive platform. Choosing a provider that can handle both your cloud phones and business Internet means you’ll have even more transparent insight into how your network needs to operate to best support your mission-critical goals. 

Scalability & Flexibility  

When you get your communications and business Internet from the same place, this also allows your provider to monitor your bandwidth usage and make personalized recommendations for your needs. As your business scales or when you need unique flexibility for ensuring your communications get the bandwidth they need for optimal performance, an all-inclusive provider can provide these insights proactively, so that you never miss an opportunity. 

Reliability & Redundancy   

Reliability may be one of the most critical aspects of business Internet. You need to know that you can rely on your provider to maintain seamless uptime and performance and reach them if there’s ever an issue you need resolved. The major networks rarely have the personalized attention your business needs, but when you bundle your services with a provider that maintains multiple solutions for you, you know exactly what kind of service you can expect. This provider is also incentivized to offer higher quality service and attention since they’re more invested in your success.


When you have a distributed workforce placing shifting demands on your network and accessing resources from various locations, security becomes an important consideration. To ensure you’re getting the protection your network needs, entrusting a provider that offers a complete portfolio of solutions including cloud communications, firewalls, SD-WAN, SASE, and others alongside business Internet helps you achieve even greater peace of mind. 

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity  

Your business Internet can also play a critical role as a backup connection if you ever experience downtime. Your business Internet vendor will be able to provide a network designed to withstand disaster situations with various network setups geared towards seamless uptime. Plus, they will fully manage your communications, proactively avoiding downtime to begin with. 

Customer Experience  

Finally, the customer experience is enhanced when your communications function smoothly and your connectivity remains secure and stable. A provider that offers everything you need also understands your business better and can ensure you get the technology services and support required to provide an exceptional customer experience with every interaction. 

By combining a robust business Internet connection with your cloud phone system under the same provider, you can create a powerful communication infrastructure that supports productivity, flexibility, and growth in today’s dynamic business environment. Learn more about S-NET’s Business Broadband Internet and cloud phone system to see how we can help your business thrive! 

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