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7 Ways VoIP Integration Can Empower Your Business

Graphic of VoIP phones Graphic of VoIP phones
Alex Fayn June 17, 2019

Many businesses like yours are adopting VoIP technology to power their operations, customer service and sales with cutting-edge communication features. But with all the cloud-based applications needed in a contemporary business, many employees see a new phone system as yet another tool they need to learn and manage. To help organizations take advantage of all the functionalities available in VoIP and efficiently merge them into their ever-growing software ecosystem, telecommunications providers have developed integrations that allow users to easily move from one tool to another and synchronize their data between platforms. A VoIP integration can be so seamless and intuitive, that you may have used one already without even realizing.

VoIP integration not only provides your staff with the features for more efficiency and productivity in their work, but also enables your customer support team to deliver high quality service to your clients. Synchronizing contact across a variety of platforms, enabling click-to-dial or integrating your phone system with cloud storage make meaningful collaboration among your employees easier than ever. In addition, they provide your client team with key account data for successful, personalized interactions with buyers and your existing clientele.

Here are a few of our best-selling VoIP integrations:

CRM VoIP Integration

Deliver highly personalized customer service

Whether you use Salesforce, Zoho, NetSuite or Bullhorn, your CRM stores key data about your customers, from contact information to past conversations and purchase preferences. With a VoIP CRM integration, all that valuable data is placed right at your customer service team’s fingertips, providing them with insights about each caller before they even start the conversation. With each incoming call, a desktop screen pop-up will notify your staff of the caller’s name and display all relevant information currently on file. A 360* view of the client will enable your team to have a highly personalized conversation with each contact. Saving any new information in your CRM straight through the screen pop-up will ensure that all relevant data is stored and clients will never have to repeat the same information again. A CRM VoIP Integration provides your team with the tools they need to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

Click-to-Dial VoIP Integration

Easily call colleagues, clients and vendors with a single click

Compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Internet Explorer, the Click-to-Dial is an essential tool that enables your team to easily call any number found online straight out of their internet browser. Clicking on any phone number will initiate the call on a user’s desk phone or on any VoIP desktop or mobile application made available by your telecommunications provider. Setting up a click-to-dial integration is as easy as downloading a browser extension. Make your team’s work more efficient by empowering them to place calls with a single click.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Place and receive calls straight out of your Microsoft Teams account

If your staff relies on software such as Microsoft Teams to collaborate, S-NET can integrate your phone system with your existing Teams accounts. Enable your staff to save time and work more efficiently by receiving and placing business calls straight from the Teams interface. With this seamless integration, they can use their corporate caller ID to maintain a professional image at all times. Your staff can click-to-call internal extensions or use the embedded dialpad to contact an external number, such as a client or vendor, no matter where they are working from.

Cloud Storage Integration

Keep your call recordings safe on Dropbox, AWS or Google Cloud

Most VoIP providers can only store your call recordings for 30 days, but in many industries, that is far from enough. Law firms, medical practices and NGOs need to keep a safe record of their conversations to protect their organization from possible fraud, lawsuits and other threats. Many businesses find that referring back to customer interactions is helpful in training new service reps, providing better assistance to clients and increasing accountability within their team.

If your business would benefit maintaining call recordings, consider integrating your phone system with an on-site server or public cloud storage. Compatible with Dropbox, AWS and Google Cloud, as well as customer-premise servers, this VoIP integration enables you to safely upload and back up all your recordings on the platform of your choice. Recording are uploaded automatically and can be easily accessed.

Contact List Integration

Easily find all your contacts in one place

When your team is dealing with a large number of contacts across a variety of platforms, figuring out where each contact is stored and what information is the most up-to-date can become a challenge. Synchronizing your contacts across platforms can make a huge difference in your staff’s productivity and results in quicker customer service times. A contact list integration works with the desktop and mobile apps included in your S-NET VoIP service and provides you with easy access to all of your contacts in one place. Pulling information from Google and Outlook as well as your CRM, this VoIP integration ensures that you can locate and call contacts in moments. Once the integration is configured, contact synching will take place automatically.

Voicemail Transcription

Receive text transcriptions of your voicemail straight to your Inbox

Voicemail Transcription creates a text version of your team’s incoming voicemail and sends it to them via email. The option of reading voicemail can be extremely helpful when listening to the message is not convenient. Having a written log of all voicemail received also allows you to maintain a certain level of transparency and accuracy in your business communications. If your VoIP service offers a mobile or desktop application, you can also access new and archived transcriptions through your app.

Paging System VoIP Integration

Make announcements from anywhere and any device

If your business relies on a paging system as a part of your communications, consider integrating it with your VoIP phone system to provide your team with a clear, direct line of communication when they need it most. This VoIP integration enables your staff to make announcements using their desk phone or VoIP application.

These types of integrations can bridge your existing software ecosystem with your VoIP phone system. Streamline your internal communications and customer service by taking advantage of the increased functionality. Your team will thank you for it.

If you are interested in extending the capabilities of your phone system with integrations, give us a call. We are happy to help.

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