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Augment Your Microsoft Teams Collaboration Suite with Advanced VoIP Features

Image of Microsoft Teams integration Image of Microsoft Teams integration
Alex Fayn December 16, 2020

Microsoft Teams has enabled many businesses to continue their work from home and stay operational during challenging circumstances. With its wide range or collaboration tools, it helped streamline workflows and kept employees connected. But despite its many benefits, Teams continues to have a few critical shortcomings. From external calling and advanced call routing to call reporting and support for IP phones, Teams fails to deliver key functionalities that many organizations rely on daily. Read how a VoIP Integration augments your staff’s ability to communicate in Teams and provides them with the advanced Cloud PBX functionalities they need to be efficient.

Place and Receive External Business Calls from Teams

Microsoft Teams provides businesses with a wide range of collaboration tools, but external calling is not one of them. If your staff communicates with clients, vendors and partners on a regular basis, Teams will likely not meet all their needs. A VoIP integration augments your employees’ communications with the ability to easily place, receive, hold, park and transfer external PSTN calls straight from their Microsoft Teams interface.

Streamline Your Operations with Advanced Call Routing

Many organizations like yours are relying on advanced routing features to manage incoming calls. You may route client calls to a voicemail inbox after hours, use call queues to streamline customer service, or rely on a Round Robin ring sequence to distribute leads among your Sales reps. But Microsoft Teams doesn’t provide these capabilities natively. A Teams-VoIP integration gives your staff the customized call routing functionalities they need to work efficiently straight out of their Teams account.

Easily Connect Desktop, Mobile, Phone and Fax Users

With Microsoft Teams, your staff can communicate from any desktop or mobile device. But what if they need to use desk phones, faxing, paging or wireless phones in a store or warehouse location? Teams doesn’t support analog devices or IP phones natively. But with a Teams-VoIP integration, you can connect all your users into a unified communication system, regardless what device they use.

Gain More Insight into Your Team’s Performance

Organizations that rely on advanced call reporting to measure Customer Service or Sales success will likely not have all their needs met by Microsoft Teams. The application lacks the call reporting features needed to measure key KPIs and fine-tune efforts. A VoIP Integration, on the other hand, gives you valuable insights into your team’s efforts, even as they place calls from Teams. Know if you are losing customers to long wait times, see how many calls your Sales team placed and assess staffing needs accurately.

Connect Customer Service and Sales to the Rest of the Organization

Customer and Sales teams often depend on advanced call center functionality to serve clients efficiently. But due to the limitations of Microsoft Teams, they are often relegated to using a completely different system than the rest of the organization. If your customer-facing staff needs to work in close collaboration with other teams, a VoIP Integration is the answer. Give them the leading-edge call center features they want while keeping them connected to their Teams-using peers.

Get Immediate Support During Emergencies

Microsoft software is high quality and quite reliable. But when issues occur, it may be tough to get quick answers and immediate support. When your mission-critical communications are down, know that you have a VoIP vendor who will resolve your issues quickly and efficiently.

Microsoft Teams lacks many of the functionalities that modern businesses rely on. But augmenting its collaboration features with advanced VoIP functionalities can go a long way in giving your staff the robust, unified communications and collaboration platform they need.

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