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Digital Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Implement Today

Digital Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Implement Today Digital Customer Engagement Strategies You Can Implement Today
Mike Hensgen July 3, 2024

Businesses that want to future-proof their continued growth and maintain a competitive edge must adapt digital customer engagement strategies to remain relevant to their target market. 80% of today’s consumers believe that their experience with a brand is just as important as their products and services. 59% of customers will abandon a brand they love after several bad experiences. And by 2025, Gartner projects that 40% of customer service organizations will become profit centers by becoming leaders in digital customer engagement, solidifying the importance of ensuring positive customer experiences for long-term revenue.

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Optimize Your CX with S-NET's Digital Customer Engagement Solutions

Whether you already have digital customer engagement strategies in place or need to devise a plan, there are a few simple ways you can get started today. Read on to learn how you can implement a solid digital customer engagement strategy and what else you may need for continuous growth. 

Cloud Communications: The Unsung Hero of Digital Customer Engagement 

Cloud communication systems offer a versatile and scalable platform for digital customer engagement, enabling you to connect with customers seamlessly from a variety of channels and devices. This allows you to launch a digital customer engagement strategy that builds on technology and workflows your staff already know, increasing overall success. 

To set yourself up for success, consider your current customer service processes. When customers call, are they connected to an agent right away or put on hold? Do they need to be routed several times to find the right person to help them? Do you have one customer service number or several? Do you use IVR with an easy-to-follow menu of options? Do you have adequate reporting for your customer service data? 

Your communications system should allow you to optimize your call flows, agent availability, and feature suite to create a digital customer engagement strategy that aligns with your business goals. With the help of a knowledgeable technology vendor, you can get a complete overview of your current tools and how they can be updated or enhanced to help you better serve your customers. 

Optimizing Your Communications for Digital Customer Engagement 

To fully optimize your communications for digital customer engagement, consider these recommendations: 

  • Assess Your Needs: Identify the current channels and workflows you have, which are working well, and where you might need to make changes. An expert technology partner can assist by evaluating your infrastructure and making recommendations based on your needs and goals. 
  • Choose the Right Partner: When evaluating potential partners, look for one dedicated to understanding your business goals and providing the solutions, services, and support you need to reach them. Your technology partner should also have a solid grasp of relevant customer expectations for QSR, healthcare, retail, or whatever space your business works in. 
  • Integrate Core Technologies: Chances are, you could upgrade or enhance your current platform with core technologies like CRMs, ERPs, an omnichannel contact center, AI engines, and other tools. Your technology partner will be able to advise you on the best strategy and help you source the right solutions for the digital customer engagement strategy you are trying to build. 
  • Update Your Systems: After assessing your current needs and goals, it may become apparent that an update is necessary. Technology changes quickly, and customer expectations follow suit. We’ve covered some of the technologies you may need in the section below. 
  • Monitor & Adjust: No optimization process is complete without ongoing monitoring, reporting, and adjustments to ensure everything is working as needed. Your technology provider will ensure you have the right performance metrics and customer feedback mechanisms to adjust your digital customer engagement strategy as needed. 

Digital Customer Engagement Technologies You Need 

Our cloud communications experts are familiar with all the technologies needed to create a successful digital customer engagement strategy. Here’s a brief overview of the most important tools you need: 

Reliable Cloud Communications Platform 

In addition to advanced features and functionality for reliable voice communications, chat, conferencing, softphones, and mobile apps, your cloud communications platform should also come with expert services and support from your technology partner. This sets apart a “plug-and-pray” system from a tailored-fit solution that can be customized to your unique needs and goals. Your technology partner will not only support your communications infrastructure but will also assist you to design a digital customer engagement strategy that helps you win and retain business. 

Dedicated Call Center or Omnichannel Contact Center 

Depending on your business model, you may benefit more from a traditional inbound call center or omnichannel contact center, but one or the other is essential for effective digital customer engagement. Call centers provide streamlined inbound and outbound call flows ensuring that your dedicated customer service center is equipped with tailored customer experiences aligned to your goals. And our omnichannel contact center is the ideal digital customer engagement platform that provides fully integrated voice, chat, email, SMS/MMS, and social media channels to meet customers wherever they are and ensure a seamless experience with your brand. 

Plus, when you choose S-NET as your technology partner, we can also ensure your call and contact center also integrates with your communications infrastructure for completely seamless workflows across the organization. 

Custom Integration 

To fully optimize your digital customer engagement strategy and empower your employees to provide the best experiences possible, customization is a must. Your communications system serves as a solid backbone for all other technologies you need to engage customers, including your CRM, contact center, chatbots and AI engines, personalization engines, and more. With custom integrations, you can get your workflows aligned with mission-critical goals and streamline internal to external communication channels for exceptional customer experiences. With all your technologies integrated, you will also be able to gain better oversight of your digital customer engagement and continuously improve processes. 

Implement Your Digital Customer Engagement Strategy with S-NET 

Want to optimize your digital customer engagement with a technology partner that specializes in custom solutions and serving multi-location, customer-centric businesses? Contact S-NET today to discuss your needs and we will provide the digital customer engagement solutions you need to reach your goals!

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