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How to Maintain Data Security and Compliance with Your Cloud Phone System

Data Security and Compliance Data Security and Compliance
Mike Hensgen November 22, 2023

Consider this increasingly familiar scenario and how it impacts your business’ ability to maintain and enforce data security and compliance: 

Your workforce is accustomed to working remotely, and staff are resistant to coming back to the office full time. Furthermore, due to the emergency response of adapting to pandemic work conditions, your company wasn’t able to fully transition all your technology and equipment to a remote work-friendly solution. As a result, remote employees may still be using their personal laptops and mobile devices to conduct official business, which can leave you in the dark about their activities, threatens data security and compliance, and also leads to incomplete reporting.

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To course correct, you need a solution that centralizes and secures your communications while also enabling the flexibility of your staff with Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) friendly capabilities. Finding all these features in one solution poses the next challenge, as well as identifying a provider that you can trust and rely on. Fortunately, your cloud phone system may be the key! 

How Your Cloud Phone System Helps Maintain Data Security and Compliance 

Here are a few key points you should keep in mind when evaluating your current solution or looking to upgrade. 

Flexibility & Mobility 

Cloud phone systems are designed with flexibility and mobility in mind, especially when it comes to user devices. Your cloud phone solution should empower your workforce to use the same system and advanced features on any device they choose, without compromising data security and compliance or productivity. A true BYOD platform allows users to access the same suite of tools from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, switch seamlessly between devices, and comes with built-in security measures that ensure all data and communications are protected. 

Security & Business Continuity 

Your cloud communications should be built on a secure platform operated by a provider that fully manages and monitors your system for optimal performance. Platforms often include encryption, authentication, and business continuity features. Some providers also offer sophisticated security solutions such as Secure SD-WAN and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) which further enhance your cloud phone system. These solutions work seamlessly with your cloud environment to protect against outside threats and provide granular oversight of everything happening in your network. 

Centralized Management 

With all your communications tools in one place on a secure platform from a single provider, you have the inherent advantage of centralized management. This simplifies administration, reporting, and oversight of your entire workforce, no matter where users are working from or what device they’re using. A centralized system also includes dedicated phone numbers for each user that helps to maintain a professional image when employees are making calls. Rather than using their personal numbers, they can now call from their company line while you maintain oversight of the interaction. 


Data security and compliance considerations should also account for tools and features designed to adhere to various industry and regulatory standards, when necessary. Look for a provider that tailors their system to your communications needs and understands the unique aspects of your industry and business model. These personalized touches make all the difference when it comes to your overall experience with your cloud phone system. 

With these pointers in mind, you will find a solution that enhances the adaptability, flexibility, and efficiency of communication and collaboration in BYOD and remote work scenarios, allowing you to maintain data security and compliance in a constantly changing business landscape. 

If you’re ready to consider a new cloud phone system that can help you maintain data security and compliance, contact S-NET today! We would love to show you how our tailored-fit cloud business solutions are designed to meet your exact needs, increase productivity, and enhance the overall performance of your workflows.

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