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Preparing to Switch to VoIP

Preparing to Switch to VoIP Preparing to Switch to VoIP

Whether you’re ready to switch to VoIP or just considering it as an option, preparing for the switch can seem like a hassle. For many small businesses, same outdated PBX system has probably been in use for decades.

Upgrading your traditional phone system  to a VoIP phone system comes with clear benefits, like cost savings, easier maintenance, and enhanced scalability, but how exactly do you upgrade?

Prepare to switch to VoIP and enjoy all it has to offer with us as we walk you through just 4 simple steps.

Plan for the Switch

While it may seem like a daunting task, you can rest easy knowing that a switch to VoIP is likely a much easier change than you’re used to.

With a traditional, analog PBX system, making any changes, switching locations, or adding new users is a tremendous (and costly) hassle. Requiring the installation and configuration of physical analog lines, any modifications to your former telecommunications system were likely costly and time consuming.

With VoIP however, you can expect the installation to take significantly less time and money. VoIP systems only require a reliable internet connection, not any additional expensive hardware. Our engineers estimate an average install can be completed within one business day.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what to expect, you must also prepare your team for the switch. VoIP phone will offer them new features and functionality that they will need to be trained on, and you may also receive updated phones, which will require training as well. As a heads up, during the switch, you may lose connectivity, this shouldn’t take too long, but let your team know so they can plan accordingly.

Prepare Your Network and Equipment

While switching to VoIP does not require any additional hardware, you may find this to be a good time to upgrade your outdated phones anyway. Upgrading to an advanced phone or headset unlocks even more features of a VoIP system, giving your team even more freedom to do their jobs.

Take this time to prepare your equipment. Do you have enough to support all of your users now and any future hires? If your team will be taking their work on the go with the power of VoIP, do you have enough hardware for them on the road/at home and in the office?

You’ll also want to confirm that your network can support a cloud phone system. In an overwhelming majority of cases, our clients already have a strong enough network.

VoIP requires about 100 kbps or .1 mbps, so your network will almost certainly hold up, but you may want to check your network speed just in case.

Select a VoIP Provider

Almost just as important as making the switch to VoIP is selecting your VoIP provider. When making your choice, be sure you partner with a company that offers the services your business needs, as well as the appropriate level of customer support.

At S-NET, we’re proud of our customer retention rate and white glove customer service. We assign one dedicated technician to each account, ensuring our clients get the care and attention they deserve.

Your VoIP provider should be trustworthy, transparent, and be able to prove their success.

Train Your Staff

Once you’ve selected a provider and picked an install date, you will need to train your staff.

Thankfully, making the switch to VoIP is a relatively easy one, so your team will pick it up in no time.

We suggest going over the new functionalities afforded to your staff with a VoIP phone system. Key features like call routing, call parking, and call forwarding may require some training. View a full list of VoIP features to understand what to expect and identify key features for your business.

Enjoy the Benefits and Freedom of VoIP

There you have it! Switching to a VoIP phone system should be a seamless process that offers your business enhanced communications.

With the right partner on your side, the transition is quick, easy, and most importantly, saves you money over time.

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not switching to VoIP is right for your business, contact our sales team for a free demo today. 

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