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Protecting Your Business from Scammers with the STIR/SHAKEN Protocol

Graphic introducing STIR/SHAKEN Graphic introducing STIR/SHAKEN
Eugene Likhovid May 26, 2022

Starting this summer, your business will be better protected from phone scammers. The FCC requires all telephony carriers to implement the STIR/SHAKEN protocol on their network by June 30th, 2022.

What is the STIR/SHAKEN protocol?

The STIR/SHAKEN protocol is a framework implemented on carrier networks to combat spoofed robocalls with caller ID authentication. According to the FCC, STIR/SHAKEN will ensure that calls traveling through interconnected phone networks will have their caller ID legitimized by originating carriers and validated by other carriers before reaching the consumer.

How does it affect me?

Spoofing calls has become common practice for scammers. It’s so advanced that they can pretend to be you or your business by spoofing your business name and number through Caller ID technology.  For a small business owner, it’s important that your business phone number is spoof-proof and not being used to spam customers. STIR/SHAKEN will mitigate the efforts of spammers, keeping you protected. Additionally, this protocol will help reduce the amount of spam calls your business receives, so that you can spend more time assisting your legitimate customers.

How is S-NET Communications implementing this framework?

We understand the hardships that spam calls create, especially for business owners. That’s why when we were informed by the FCC about their plans to start mitigating spam calls, we got to work. We are currently in the process of implementing the STIR/SHAKEN framework on our network and will be done before the deadline of June 30th. Once the solution is deployed, it will enable a superior trust level on all our customer’s DIDs. This should eliminate the possibility of your number being displayed as potential SPAM on outgoing calls.

But we are not stopping there!

In addition to the STIR/SHAKEN, we have added an extra level of security for our customers. We are deploying robocall mitigation solution. This will help our clients identify and minimize inbound spam robocalls.

Eugene Likhovid, CTO and Co-Founder of S-NET Communications, has been leading this initiative. He says, “We will keep improving our security on this front, as technologies evolve. We want to reassure our customers that S-NET Communications will always be on the leading edge of these technologies and will do everything in our power to eliminate spam calls for our clients.”

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