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S-NET Engage: An AI-Powered Omnichannel Customer Experience Solution

Illustration of S-NET Engage platform and capabilities Illustration of S-NET Engage platform and capabilities

An AI-Powered Omnichannel Customer Experience Solution to Help Businesses of All Sizes Engage their Clients

In today’s digital world, customer service is the number one driver of brand loyalty, and seamless customer engagement across multiple platforms has gone from being appreciated to being largely expected by your customers. But if your business has a very small customer service team or you struggle with talent shortages, you probably find meeting these continuously increasing client expectations challenging, to say the least.

That’s why we are excited to launch S-NET Engage, a comprehensive, multi-flow contact center solution that helps you automate the customer journey and deliver personalized interactions for your clients, whether you have a call center or just a couple of customer service reps on your team. S-NET Engage allows you to connect with your existing and prospective clients across channels including voice, SMS, email, web chat, fax and Facebook, with additional channels and integrations planned to be introduced later this year.

Customer Service rep interacting with customer

As S-NET CEO, Alex Fayn explained, “customer expectations have been significantly shaped by the advanced AI that large corporations use to optimize each client interaction. Customers today expect the same streamlined, personalized communication from every brand, and they expect business to meet them on their preferred channels of communication, whether that’s email, web chat or social media. An omnichannel contact center solution powered by leading-edge AI gives organizations large and small the tools to deliver the same enterprise-grade, solution-centered customer care with a fraction of the resources.”

S-NET Engage offers productivity solutions and conversational platforms that will greatly increase customer satisfaction by streamlining your client’s experience with your company through self-service solutions, live engagements with your reps, and business process automation. In addition, its advanced AI engine and sentiment analysis capabilities automate the customer’s journey and intelligently connect each client to the virtual or live agent with the best skills, experience and capacity to handle their case. With a 360 view of each customer, S-NET Engage empowers customer service teams to easily personalize every touchpoint across all channels.

S-NET Engage also simplifies workload management within the customer service team through unified queues, customer history records and advanced reporting. With AI-powered self-serve solutions and automations, it shortens support times, increases agent productivity, and elevates the customer service team, empowering organizations to boost customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Learn how this AI-powered customer engagement solution increases your customer service team’s productivity, empowering you to boost customer loyalty and reduce churn.

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