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Why You Still Need Your Phone System

Illustration of business phone uses Illustration of business phone uses
S-NET Communications, Inc. October 19, 2022

Is a simple phone system even necessary anymore?

The past few years have seen great changes in terms of communication in the business industry. Now that the business world has evolved to include video conferencing, is a simple phone system even necessary anymore? After all, face-to-face communication, even via a screen offers so much. We say yes, a phone system can be crucial to business success.

Cloud-based phone systems, sometimes called voice over internet protocol or VoIP phones, offer functions and features that not only meet the basic needs of a company but can promote work efficiency and customer experience. Below, we will go over five reasons why a VoIP phone system is still an integral part of doing business.

5 Reasons Why a VoIP Phone System is an Integral Part of Doing Business

Simplified Workflows

A phone system can help you streamline work operations. It allows you to implement call routing, call queuing, call rules, and general call handling. This simplified approach can help reduce stress associated with work. Reducing employee stress can not only help improve the company culture, but it can also improve your turnover rates, productivity and efficiency.

Other features that help streamline a business’s workflow include:

  • CRM integration – This allows employees to save customer information during a phone call quickly and easily straight to your company CRM using screen pop-ups.
  • Presence – Presence helps employees see each other’s availability and avoid playing telephone tag with colleagues.
  • The Desktop App – Installing the desktop app enables workers place and receive calls, manage their contacts, review voicemail from one place.
  • Drag-and-Drop Voice Conferencing – Allows users to drag and drop colleagues into calls for easy, impromptu voice conferencing.

A VoIP solution even allows businesses to take and make calls from any location on nearly any device connected to the internet. This allows teams to work remotely should the need arise with the client being none the wiser.

Client Experience

Did you know that customer experience can make a big difference to the success of your business? In fact, 58% of customers will find another company to work with if they have a bad experience. A voice over internet protocol, or VoIP, phone system can improve your customer experience.

A VoIP phone system offers:

  • Efficient Call Handling – This includes features like Call Queues or Ring Groups and ensures that the client call always goes to the right department or employee who is best equipped to help that client.
  • IVRs – IVRs, or interactive voice responses help clients get quick support and find the correct department or employee they are looking for with ease. No more time wasted in the wrong line.
  • Call Recording, Call Monitoring, and Whisper Coaching – These features are great for quality assurance and assist in optimal training of customer service representatives.


Data security is of utmost importance not only for your business but also for your employees and clients. When working from the mobile app associated with your phone system, security is built in. The app enables your staff to place and receive business calls using their work extension instead of their personal cell line, creating a separation between an employee’s personal activity and their business calls and contacts. Client information is only accessible once workers enter the app, giving you control over access to company data.

A mobile app can also address your team’s concerns about supplying customers with their personal cell phone numbers to provide service. With a VoIP mobile app, remote workers are able to maintain their work-life separation with confidence. Clients will not have access to your staff’s personal information. They are only supplied with company contact information and can ring your team only through the application. Your team can log out of the application and top receiving business calls at the end of their workday for better work-life balance and can rest assured that their personal data is protected.


Growth is an aspect of business that is not always considered in the early stages of creation. However, it is important to plan for it. Getting a phone system that can grow with your business sets you up for success in the long run. A robust phone system can not only simplify the addition of new users as your staff grows. It also makes it easy to add a wide range of enterprise-level features when your business becomes large enough to need them.

Unified Communications

A cloud-based phone system has the ability to support unified communications. With unified communications, businesses can take advantage of utilizing ‘a single pane of glass’ for voice, messaging, video conferencing, CRM integrations and so much more. Unified communications supports collaboration for employees, and offers everything needed to provide excellent customer service.

Looking for More Information About Business Phone Systems?

S-NET has the VoIP cloud-based phone system your business needs. If you’re interested in learning more about the features and functions of VoIP, it’s time to give us a call. Not only can we answer any questions you may have, we can also help you with installation and migration to our phone system.

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