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Community Counseling Centers of Chicago

Steve Trolinger

Director of Information Systems, Community Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4)

A True Partnership

When we chose S-NET, it felt like it wasn't just a business relationship but a
true partnership – where we can work together side-by-side to make sure C4
could fulfill its mission. This kind of comradery was sorely lacking with our
previous telecommunications partner, so we're grateful to have found S-NET.

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago - The Challenge

The Challenge

For a behavioral health advocate and social service provider like C4, having a top-tier communication system is mission-critical. After all, you can't help clients become the best versions of themselves if they can't reach your staff.

While their old phone system was perfectly adequate when it came to desk phones and softphones, their mobile application was absolutely lacking. "The app wasn't stable, it had a lot of just wasn't what we expected or needed at the time," Steve recalls, "Especially for our staff who were either in the field or working from home conducting telehealth appointments. They needed flexible, reliable communication with our clients, and we couldn't give them that. Not with that MSP, anyway."

So, under Steve's supervision, the team set out to find a new vendor with not just an excellent phone system, but an excellent app as well. Especially one that was HIPAA-compliant. Eventually, after sending RFPs to multiple providers, C4 found S-NET.

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago - The Solution with S-NET

The Solution

S-NET responded to the RFP and gave C4 a few test lines so they could see S-NET's mobile app in action. And the results were excellent. "S-NET had the edge because their app's interface was comprehensive, yes, but far simpler than the others," Steve states, "Which is excellent because our staff are clinicians, not technicians. They don't have the time to spend learning how to deal with complicated organization or log-ins."

The app also made it easier for C4 users to look up colleagues, forward calls to the right offices, and generally manage calls thanks to their directory integration. So, S-NET won the contract and helped C4 migrate all 175 employees over to the new and improved phone system from hardware to software – and outfitted all the employees with a mobile app, of course.

Community Counseling Centers of Chicago - The Result

The Results

After C4 migrated completely to S-NET, the number of internal tickets dropped immediately and drastically.

"I can't even get into how many tickets we were doing, almost daily and at least weekly," Steve jokes, "To their credit, the previous MSP was very responsive, but it was a volume we shouldn't have had to be dealing with. Now? We've not seen that volume at all, and it's been weeks."

The SMS feature has also made it far easier for C4 staff members to communicate with clients via texts on their business lines, especially because the numbers are secure and, most importantly, HIPAA-compliant. Now they can conduct telehealth appointments with complete confidence, knowing that their clients' information is safe with S-NET.

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