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Rosemary Gallaway

HR & Payroll Manager, DME Elevators & Lifts

Finding Solutions & Providing White-Glove Support

George is amazing!!!! After all these years, he still supports our organization and always answers my questions and helps find solutions to new functionality that we are looking for. I love that S-NET monitors our phone and internet connections and lets me know of any issues. The support team is also always accessible.

About DME Elevators & Lifts

DME Elevators & Lifts is a family-owned company that provides accessibility equipment, residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and stairlifts to customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. Their mission is to elevate their customers, communities, and team members to new heights.

DME Elevators and Lifts - The Challenge

The Challenge

With three offices in three different states, DME Elevators & Lifts needed a phone system that could seamlessly connect their locations. Their thriving business is tightknit and flexible, with employees wearing many different hats each day. To keep business running smoothly across the entire organization, DME Elevators & Lifts sought out recommendations for a new phone system provider.

DME Elevators and Lifts - The Solution

The Solution

One of their contacts recommended the DME team to S-NET Communications. They were put in touch with George Gazdacka, who assisted with setting up their new phone system. Not only did they get a new cloud-based solution that could connect their three offices and 36 employees, but they also upgraded their overall experience with extension dialing, group conferencing, the S-NET Mobile app, and their Business Fiber internet connection provided and managed by S-NET.

DME Elevators and Lifts - The Result

The Result

DME Elevators & Lifts has been a happy customer since switching to S-NET. Thanks to their positive experience working with the S-NET team and the continued trust between DME and S-NET, they knew they could turn to S-NET with any challenge.

Rosemary recounted such an experience when they faced an unexpected situation with a new tenant renting space in their building: “We had another small company lease some space in our main building. The timeline for this transition came down to days! They needed to move out of their current office and move into our office with just a few days’ notice. I immediately called George and explained what was going on and described the functionality that was needed. George was able to add this addition to the current renewal that we were already working on and the project team got to work right away. Tony, Mersim, and Ardit were able to connect with the new tenant and confirm their set up needs. They were able to get everything set up, installed, and tested before the new tenants moved in for a seamless transition! It was absolutely amazing. I am so thankful for all the efforts that were pulled together on short notice.”

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