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Rick Stanbridge EVP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

Rick Stanbridge

EVP & Chief Information Officer, Marco’s Pizza

The Power of Tailored-fit Technology

We knew technology innovation was key to scaling our national operation successfully, but without a solid network foundation, we would not have been able to roll out the franchise-wide systems needed to achieve our goals. So, when S-NET suggested a custom-tailored SD-WAN solution that provides advanced network and bandwidth management capabilities and ensures exceptional performance for all our technology, I knew this was the key to unlocking our accelerated business growth.

Marco's Pizza - The Challenge

The Challenge

With plans for accelerated development, Marco’s Pizza needed a solid network infrastructure to serve as a foundation for its ambitious rollout of technology solutions. Without advanced network management capabilities that could ensure bandwidth availability for mission-critical systems, the performance of cutting-edge technology services could not be guaranteed.

The brand also needed to keep its growing technology stack running 24/7 to maximize revenue across all ordering channels. With systems such as phones, online ordering, inventory management, remote access security cameras, and cloud-based order management all dependent on Internet connectivity, network reliability was a key component to achieving the company’s vision for the future.

Additionally, the Marco’s IT Team needed better visibility and control over the corporate network. The existing heterogeneous infrastructure encompassing several vendors, numerous configurations, and a complex hardware setup made network management challenging. It prevented the comprehensive, franchise-wide reporting that the organization needed for informed, strategic decision-making. It also made troubleshooting arduous when individual franchisees ran into technical issues at their stores.

Marco's Pizza - The Solution with S-NET

The Solution

Initially serving as one of the brand’s two business phone service providers, S-NET Communications worked closely with the Marco’s leadership team to develop a customized communication and networking solution and a large-scale implementation plan that met the brand’s unique needs. These needs included:

  • Building a robust foundation for Marco’s technology vision for the future
  • Increasing revenue and profitability with a reliable infrastructure
  • Simplifying infrastructure management with full network visibility and control
Marco's Pizza - The Result

The Result

For Marco’s Pizza, this new standardized infrastructure represents a substantial leap forward, empowering the brand to implement its ambitious rollout of technology innovations. With an always-on, standardized infrastructure, complete visibility into the corporate network, and advanced bandwidth optimization, Marco’s has the robust foundation, infrastructure, visibility, and simplified management it needs for accelerated growth today and well into the future.

  • Robust Foundation: S-NET’s SD-WAN services equipped Marco’s Pizza with the basic infrastructure needed for technology-driven innovation & scaling.
  • 24/7/365 Infrastructure: With an always-on infrastructure, Marco’s Pizza is empowered to maximize revenue & accelerate business growth.
  • Full Visibility & Control: With insights into the corporate network and system-wide reporting, the Marco’s IT Team has full oversight of its technology ecosystem.
  • Simplified Management: S-NET delivered the standardized network Marco’s needed to keep its 1,100+ stores growing in tandem.

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