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Chris McGrath

CFO, McGrath Automotive Group

Tailored Solutions, Trusted Partnership

S-NET tailored their solutions to our business needs. Their support, their ideas, their mobile application, everything we saw from them showed that they'd be a great partner in our business.

McGrath Automotive Group - The Challenge

The Challenge

McGrath Automotive Group, a chain of car dealerships based in the Midwest, needed to transform its communications to address multiple challenges. The business was held back by a phone system unable to keep up with their ongoing expansion. McGrath’s operations were hindered by an inefficient call flow, dropped calls, difficult system management and a staff slowed down by technology.

McGrath Automotive Group - The Solution with S-NET

The Solution

S-NET set up individual meetings with location managers and carefully assessed McGrath’s unique business needs. The technical team developed a customized solution and mapped out the most optimal call flow. With S-NET’s reliable phone service, advanced system configurations, cutting edge VoIP features, and a mobile application that keeps employees connected, McGrath’s 500+ staff was given the tools for successful customer communications.

McGrath Automotive Group - The Result

The Result

McGrath saw a significant decrease in lost or dropped client calls. With a streamlined call flow and individual caller IDs for each location, department and user, clients are now routed correctly, whether they are looking to purchase cars, parts or need repair service.

An intuitive, fully capable admin interface enables McGrath’s technical team to efficiently manage their system and users as their business changes. They can rely on S-NET’s team to go above and beyond to find solutions to emerging needs and ensure that McGrath’s staff can utilize all features successfully.

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