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Nicasa Behavioral Health Services

Bruce Johnson

CEO, Nicasa Behavioral Health Services

Tailored-fit Technology for Better Individualized Care

The most important thing is the client service - the care we give to our community. Being able to provide individualized care to our clients quickly and easily through the flexibility and integrated functionality that S-NET gave us is pretty significant.

Nicasa Behavioral Health Services - The Challenge

The Challenge

At first, having multiple phone systems for multiple offices didn't seem like a bad idea. Until those phone systems began interfering with Nicasa's growth. Each phone system had its own limitations and issues and two of their locations, two of the largest, had systems that physically did not have the capacity to add more users. This was a problem because new staff members were coming on, new interns were being assigned, and Nicasa simply couldn't meet capacity.

Transferring calls between locations also presented challenges that frustrated both employees and callers. If a person called the wrong place, the person they reached would have to take a message, hang up, call the correct site, find the right person within that site, and relay the message. It was a tedious process that wasted a lot of time and energy that could've been spent serving their community. Bruce and his team knew that if they were going to be effective change agents, they needed to change the way they communicated.

Nicasa Behavioral Health Services - The Solution with S-NET

The Solution

As fate would have it, one of Bruce's long-time volunteers – Mike Hensgen – was the director of sales at S-NET Communications. And when Bruce began interviewing potential solution providers, Mike suggested S-NET and put Bruce in touch with Alan Cook, the client technology advisor of the company.

Alan immediately began putting together a solution that could meet Bruce's needs - a single phone system for all 8 locations that could grow as Nicasa grew, secure sensitive and proprietary information, and give the employees the features and flexibility they needed.

Nicasa Behavioral Health Services - The Result

The Result

When the solution was first implemented, Nicasa enjoyed faster connections both internally and externally. Internally, they were able to connect with key employees almost immediately thanks to interoffice extensions. What used to take them 10 minutes to do now took less than 4 seconds, effectively streamlining most of their interoffice communication. From an external perspective, Nicasa employees could transfer incoming client calls to the right individual in a matter of moments by simply dialing the right extension. No more complicated call flows that involved leaving messages or climbing through a tangle of internal directories. Their clients could get the care they needed when they needed it.

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