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Greg Groth

IT Manager, Protectoseal

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We implemented the call center software at Protectoseal for our insight support team. And basically, the software's intuitive and there were no headaches during installation and no headaches now. Nobody's had any problems because everything

Protectoseal - The Challenge

The Challenge

One outdated technology that Greg Groth immediately wanted to tackle when arriving at Protectoseal was their legacy premise-based phone system, with a limited feature set and a high cost compared to modern VoIP solutions. First, he tried talking to their current provider – surely, they would upgrade the system for the company. But when they came back to Greg with a solution, their upgrade would cost more than replacing the entire phone system. They needed a better option. And Greg knew just who to call.

Protectoseal - The Solution with S-NET

The Solution

Prior to his role at Protectoseal, Greg's was the IT manager for the Affy Tapple company in Niles, Illinois where he had witnessed S-NET's comprehensive solutions and same-day customer care for himself. "Our old phone system straight-up died right after our busy season," Greg says, "We had our backs against the wall and S-NET – who was right down the street from us – could get on it right away, get the system up and running right away, come in and do training right away. It was just a real lifesaver for us."

Plus, when one of the S-NET switches went down during a bad electrical storm, technicians were dispatched immediately. "We called those guys, and they were literally at our front door in 20 minutes. I think our system was down for an hour, at most. Even for a local contractor, that kind of response is rare."

And that kind of responsive service is why Greg chose to partner with S-NET. Almost immediately, the S-NET team outfitted Protectoseal with a complete cloud-based phone solution, which included contact center capabilities and a softphone application – an app that allows users to make and take calls from their business number on any internet-connected device.

Protectoseal - The Result

The Result

Greg and his team no longer had to do battle with outdated technology, finnicky systems, or limited functionality. They're enjoying a system that has all the features they need to keep their business running smoothly, and top-tier local support. "I've been dealing with these guys for close to 10 years now. And whenever there's a problem, you call them, and it gets taken care of immediately. If you call the help desk at S-NET, you're going to talk to a knowledgeable technician right away. They listen to you, take care of the issue, follow up when they have to - there's just no headaches."

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