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Meet the Team | Jorge Dominguez, Project Manager

March 13, 2018
Jorge Dominguez, Project Manager

Many new S-NET clients know Jorge as their primary point of contact during the onboarding process. Our fast evolving Project Manager has a passion for efficiency, cares deeply about fulfilling promises, and spends much of his free time dancing the Bachata. Read on to find out more about him.

When did you start at S-NET?

I joined the S-NET team almost 5 months ago in October of 2017.

Where did you go to school?

I attended DePaul University and got a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology.

Are you currently pursuing any education?

I plan to go for a PMP Certification in the near future to advance my project management skills and knowledge.

How did you choose this career path?

I’ve always been passionate about technology and been intrigued by the advancements it has brought to society. I specifically chose the Project Management route because I enjoy working and learning from the different parties involved to complete a project from inception. I specifically enjoy being involved with the networking configuration piece of my projects.

Where did you work before starting at S-NET?

Before coming to S-NET, I was working at Advanced Telecommunication of Illinois as a Project Implementation Coordinator. While in college, I completed an internship at Addus Homecare, Inc. as an IT Intern and also worked at the Student Involvement Office of DePaul as a Tech/Web Developer.

What are your primary responsibilities at S-NET?

My primary responsibility is to implement and coordinate the installation of S-NET’s cloud communications solutions, like SD-WAN, Cloud Call Center and Hosted Phone Systems just to name a few. Many new S-NET clients deployed since October know me as their primary contact during the onboarding process. I collaborate with all S-NET Departments (Field Engineering, Billing, Support, and Account Management) throughout the implementation of each project to ensure its completion within in a timeframe that works for the client. A few of my day-to-day activities include completing a customer data sheet with all user information, scheduling T1 installs and coordinating the provisioning of new VoIP systems.

It sounds like you work with clients quite often.

Yes, as a Project Manager, I interact with clients on a daily basis, from introducing myself as the PM and primary contact during the installation process to setting up weekly update calls. I am in contact with customers pretty much every day, even after a project is completed to make sure they are happy with their services.

What do you like most about working with clients?

I personally believe that the most rewarding and motivating aspect of working with clients is fulfilling the promises given to them. As an S-NET Project Manager, this is basically the main goal of my role. I like to go above and beyond to understand the specific needs of the customer to be able to provide them with a solution or direct them to someone who will be able to provide a solution.

What do you enjoy most about your work in general?

At S-NET our project management team is motivated, client-centered and reliable, and I really like that our leadership acknowledges this. We are given the freedom to work on our assigned projects with just the right amount of oversight, which is very motivating and empowering. Instead of micromanagement and spending valuable time reporting even on the least significant details of an installation, we have weekly meetings where the PMs give updates on their projects. I find this very helpful because we are able to address any obstacles and receive information from our engineers that might be beneficial to completing a certain deployment.

Do you have any favorite projects you’ve managed?

I would have to say that I am really proud of the first project I helped implement. It was a VoIP Phone System that was installed for a new customer. I felt very proud of this accomplishment not only because it was my first project at S-NET, but because of the positive feedback I received from the client that reflected on all the great and hard work our team put into this installation.

I also really enjoy coordinating projects with our channel partners. Initially when I was brought on-board, working with a specific key partner of ours was among my primary responsibilities. I was given the task and freedom to assist in coming up with a system that works for both parties when implementing our services. So far I have worked on 2 projects with them and have been learning so much along the way!

How do you unwind after a long, hard day at the office?

I like spending time with my 3 younger brothers when I am able to. Working out is another thing that helps me unwind after a long hard day at work. I try my best to do a combination of cardio and resistance workouts 3 times a week.

What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

During my free time I like to watch TV shows on Netflix such as Stranger Things, The Flash, and The Defenders. Another activity I really enjoy is dancing bachata for my dance company, Alma Latina. Bachata is a style of Latin dancing that originated in the Dominican Republic. I discovered this passion and hobby when I joined a dance club at DePaul University, and I have been dancing ever since. We actually have a performance coming up very soon.


Well, break a leg then!

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