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Investing in Partner Success: S-NET Launches New Partner Portal

Investing in Partner Success: S-NET Launches New Partner Portal Investing in Partner Success: S-NET Launches New Partner Portal
March 8, 2024

S-NET Communications, a leader in cloud-based business communications and networking services, today announced the launch of their new Partner Portal. As part of their dedication to Partner success, the S-NET Partner Portal is designed to serve as an all-inclusive resource for Partner sales, marketing, and educational needs. 

The S-NET Partner Portal offers materials including engaging training videos, S-NET selling guides, product overviews, sales decks, use cases, product collateral, SPIFFs, links to resources, and more. The main two sections of the Partner Portal, Knowledge and Learning, help Partners intuitively locate the resources they need to achieve their goals.  

In the Knowledge section, S-NET provides manuals covering partner onboarding, S-NET branding, product information, selling guides, and marketing collateral for partner use. This section is dedicated to the resources Partners need to successfully sell S-NET products. 

In the Learning section, S-NET provides initial onboarding courses and training modules designed to help Partners keep their S-NET knowledge current. This section is dedicated to ensuring Partners always have the most up-to-date content they need to close deals with confidence. 

S-NET is the Solution Network for Partners that want to grow their business with industry-leading solutions, reliable services, and white-glove support. To get started with the S-NET Partner Portal, register your account at https://partners.snetconnect.com/. 

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Not a current S-NET Partner? Learn more about our partnership benefits and set up a call with an S-NET Representative to join the Solution Network! 

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S-NET Communications was founded in 2006 by industry veterans and has since grown into a leading provider of cloud communications and networking solutions for businesses across the country. At S-NET, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and personalized white-glove support, which has resulted in an impressive client retention rate of 99%. As a company, we are accessible, accountable, and committed to ensuring our clients’ success.

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