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S-NET Communications Offers New Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration with S-NET Microsoft Teams Integration with S-NET
May 23, 2019

Chicago-based cloud services provider, S-NET Communications augments its VoIP services with a Microsoft Teams integration to provide clients with a unified communication and collaboration experience.

“Many of our enterprise clients rely on Microsoft Teams for everyday collaboration with remote workers and among different branch locations,” said Alex Fayn, S-NET CEO. “We recognized that integrating S-NET’s phone systems with Teams would eliminate the need for purchasing and managing extra proprietary software and hardware. This integration gives employees the freedom to place or receive calls using their Teams account from virtually any location and any device.”

S-NET’s new integration provides end users with a dialpad embedded in the Microsoft Teams interface and enables them to make and receive calls using their company caller ID. Teams users can call both internal extensions and external numbers, see which colleagues are online, away or on a call, and click to dial contacts in their account.

Running on enterprise-grade, high availability Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, S-NET’s new integration ensures exceptional quality of service for clients, as well as the built-in security and resilience mandatory for enterprise environments.

With a Teams integration, enterprises can provide their staff with full communications mobility and an all-inclusive interface to communicate and collaborate.

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