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S-NET Communications Releases v5.2 of Its Desktop and Mobile Softphone Application

Device displays of S-NET Connect 5.2 Device displays of S-NET Connect 5.2
January 20, 2019

S-NET Communications, Chicago’s leader in cloud-based business communications solutions is pleased to announce the launch of the newest edition of its VoIP softphone application for desktop and mobile, S-NET Connect 5.2. With the release of v5.2 , S-NET Communications clients will have access to a wider range of new functionalities that give their staff a boost in efficiency. A dramatically enriched version of its predecessors, S-NET Connect 5.2 includes features such as SMS/text messaging capabilities, interface personalization, new CRM integrations as well as advanced call center functionalities.

Learn what is new in S-NET Connect 5.2

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About S-NET

S-NET Communications was founded in 2006 by industry veterans and has since grown into a leading provider of cloud communications and networking solutions for businesses across the country. At S-NET, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge technology services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and personalized white-glove support, which has resulted in an impressive client retention rate of 99%. As a company, we are accessible, accountable, and committed to ensuring our clients’ success.

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