Optimize your workflows by integrating S-NET Connect to the applications your team lives in.

Explore all the ways you can integrate S-NET Connect with your business-essential applications and hardware to simplify work and drive productivity.


The Benefits of S-NET Integrations

In addition to our comprehensive cloud communications suite, S-NET further optimizes your system with the ability to integrate your mission-critical applications. Explore some of the integrations we offer to see how we can build a communication solution bespoke to your business.

CRM Integration

CRM Integrations

Equip your team to deliver an exceptional customer experience with each conversation. Reduce app switching and boost team efficiency with a seamless CRM Integration. S-NET's business phone system integrates with the most popular CRM software and we develop custom integrations for your CRM of choice.

  • Give your team a 360° view of the customer before they even answer the phone.
  • Work efficiently and speed up response time with click-to-call and screen pop-ups.
  • Enter new contacts, call notes, and follow-up tasks straight from a pop-up window.
  • Keep a record of important customer conversations uploaded automatically.
  • Salesforce | HubSpot | SugarCRM | MS Dynamics | Zoho | Zendesk | Bullhorn | Vtiger | Pipedrive | SuiteCRM | ConnectWise | NetSuite | DealCloud | + Custom Integrations

Microsoft Teams Integration

Access advanced business voice features straight from Teams. S-NET's Microsoft Teams Integration gives your staff the ability to place and receive calls straight out of Teams and connects all your users into a unified communication system, whether they rely on Teams, desk phones, or analog devices to communicate.

  • Advanced call routing for streamlined operations.
  • Powerful analytics for strategic decision-making.
  • Advanced SLAs and 99.999% uptime availability.
Microsoft Teams Integration with S-NET
Microsoft Outlook Integration & Microsoft Exchange Integration

Microsoft Outlook & Exchange Integration

Give your team an efficiency boost by placing calls straight from Outlook. The S-NET Connect desktop app integrates with your Outlook and Exchange contact lists. Give your team the ability to review contact details during a call and place calls straight from the Outlook interface.

  • Sync Outlook and Exchange contacts to place calls straight from the S-NET Connect app.
  • Click-to-Dial any contact number in Outlook or Exchange to start conversations in seconds.
  • See relevant contact information for each incoming call through screen pop-ups.
  • Save new contacts from the pop-up for an up-to-date directory and customize pop-up settings.
  • Integrate S-NET Connect with your Outlook calendar and update your availability automatically.

Audio Integrations

Communicate and collaborate with the audio device of your choice. S-NET Connect allows you to utilize any audio device installed on the operating system and offers advanced integrations for specific hardware brands to simplify call management.

  • Yealink: Use Yealink headset buttons to easily hold, transfer and manage your calls.
Audio Integrations
Productivity Integrations - Microsoft Outlook Calendar Integration

Productivity Integrations

Enhance your workflow with productivity integrations that help you stay in the zone.

  • Click-to-Dial Browser Integration: Install the S-NET Connect plugin on your browser and start calls in seconds by clicking on any phone number. Click-to-dial is supported by all major web browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, MS Internet Explorer/Edge, and Safari.
  • Calendar Integration: Integrate your S-NET Connect phone system with your calendar to add newly scheduled meetings automatically and keep your schedule up-to-date. Available in Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook Calendar.
  • Email Client Integration: Send emails to your S-NET Connect contacts using your default email client or email them from S-NET Connect directly.
  • Mobile Contacts Integration: Easily call phone contacts on S-NET Connect Mobile by selecting the application while on the contact record. You can also set S-NET Connect Mobile as your default dialer.
  • iTunes Integration: Automatically pause iTunes every time you place or receive a call in S-NET Connect Mobile. The music will resume when your call is finished.

Hardware Integrations

Integrate your hardware for end-to-end communications optimization.

  • Kuando Busylight Integration: Integrate S-NET Connect with your Busylight for an easy, automated status display.
  • IP Camera Integration: Display IP camera video stream via S-NET Connect and allow security to monitor traffic into and out of your building.
Hardware Integrations

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