Business SMS built into your communications backbone.

Increase engagement with SMS messaging capabilities. Reach customers who prefer SMS texting with the built-in SMS features for S-NET Connect Desktop and Mobile.

SMS Text Messaging

The Benefits of S-NET SMS

SMS messaging is a highly personalized channel for communications that every business should have. S-NET Connect Desktop and S-NET Connect Mobile come with business SMS already built in, allowing your staff to take advantage of this powerful communications channel.

Personalized SMS Messaging

Personalized Communications

Reach your customers on their preferred messaging platform with the ability to send direct SMS or MMS messages from your desktop or mobile S-NET Connect platform.

Professional Presence

Maintain a professional image and consistent branding by using your business number for all SMS communications. Send messages to internal and external contacts that have SMS capabilities enabled.

Maintain a professional presence with S-NET's SMS solutions
Enjoy sophisticated SMS features with S-NET

Sophisticated Features

Send SMS messages as naturally as you would using your personal mobile phone. SMS and MMS messaging support text, images, files, gifs, emojis, audio clips, and more. You can also place calls and start video meetings from within a conversation while corresponding with an SMS contact.

S-NET is Your Solution Network

S-NET is a complete communication solutions provider and trusted technology partner. We will meet you wherever you are in your technology journey and provide the solutions, services, and support you need to reach your goals.

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