Actionable Visibility

See your network clearly and make informed decisions with Actionable Visibility solutions.

Understanding what’s happening with your network is simple with our Actionable Visibility solutions. Simplify complex infrastructures and management of digital resources with tools that provide clarity.

Actionable Visibility

The Benefits of Actionable Visibility

Managing your business network and resources can be a complex process. Our Actionable Visibility solutions help simplify your experience with real-time analytics that give you the insights you need to manage all apps, users, databases, workloads, web servers, and security policies on your network.

Simplified Visibility & Control

See all your network resources from a high-level view and easily identify how they’re being used and how you can improve performance. In the case of security threats, act immediately and block them with a single click. You can also leverage deep analytics to learn more about the attack and how to protect against future threats.

Real-Time & Historical Visibility

Leverage actionable insights in real-time or generate custom and historical reports to make informed decisions about your network. Our Actionable Visibility tools provide:

  • Policy driven data logging.
  • Custom reporting on user, device, and application traffic.
  • Real-time and historical traffic visibility and anomaly detection.
  • Multi-organizational reporting.
  • Reporting on multiple network and security services.
  • 3rd party application and monitoring tool integrations.
  • Multi-dimensional, historical, and near real-time data reporting for network, security, application, and user flows.
  • Automated report generation and email capabilities to enhance monitoring efficiency.

Auto-recognition for Thousands of Applications

S-NET's Actionable Visibility solutions auto-recognize over 3600+ applications with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Our true first packet auto-recognition allows you to create and apply policies to the first packet of a flow, streamlining and simplifying your security processes.

S-NET is Your Solution Network

S-NET is a complete communication solutions provider and trusted technology partner. We will meet you wherever you are in your technology journey and provide the solutions, services, and support you need to reach your goals.

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